August 9, 2012

My first Milestone Bellini

Guess What I loved the most about Milestones?

They had the best lighting for food pictures! Check it out!

Okay, now on to the food! To be honest, I am not a big fan of chain restaurants. I just think they are all the same. You get what you pay for.  We all decided to go when the girls realized I never had a bellini from Milestones' before. We weren't really hungry so we just ordered a few plates to snack on.

The dessert shots: key lime pie, caramel gingered apple crisp, break-up tub, ganache torte & white chocolate cheesecake.

We ordered Milestones' famous hot spinach & artichoke dip (that's what its called on the menu), two original Belinis, 'Razzberry' and Mango Mojitos, dessert shots and tomato gazpacho.

The Artichoke dip was too runny. The tomato gazpacho came with a "mini" sandwich- it was mini alright, and the dessert was only decent - nothing you couldn't get from your local bakery or Loblaws. I mainly liked the idea of having one or two bites of each dessert. Again, I always prefer a smorgasborg of food rather than committing to one plate.

Service was pretty good. The place was quiet and when we walked in there were two hostess' waiting to greet us and seated us promptly.  The server could immediately tell we were just there to hang out  and "girl talk" so she left us alone to chat and only came by to drop off plates, and pick up empty glasses. There was a misunderstanding with the drink orders but she recuperated very quickly and we got our drinks pretty fast.

The famous bellini definitely hit the spot though! It was exactly what I was craving;  a fruity blended alcoholic beverage.  Not too sweet, not too boozey and ice cold! We'll definitely returning for drinks on the patio.

Milestones Bar & Grill
787 Paramount Drive
Hamilton, Ont
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