September 11, 2012

How to Make Spam Musubi

I know what you're thinking - "Really? Meat in a can?!"  But I swear this stuff is delicious, and it's incredibly fun to say - musubi. Go ahead, say it! MU-SU-BI. Chef IBBG is originally from Hawaii where these are wildly popular and are often sold as a quick snack in convenient stores. Did you know Hawaii consumes the most Spam in the entire world? She introduced these to me last year while we were out worshipping the sun on the beaches of British Columbia. 

To start, you'll need a few things:  Nori, Spam, Teriyaki sauce, furikake flakes (japanese seasoning bought in asian grocery stores - primarily seaweed and sesame seeds), musubi shaper (optional) and kimchi (optional) and of course, white jasmine rice. With three cups of uncooked rice we were able to make about four rolls with two pieces of spam in each roll.  If you don't have a musubi shaper, you can purchase one on amazon, or cut the bottom off the spam can and use it the same way.

Once you have all your ingredients laid out, start by lightly toasting the nori so it's pliable. Next start slicing the spam - you should get ten slices from one can.  Cook the spam in a thin layer of teriyaki sauce over medium high heat on the stove. This should only take a few minutes. Once the spam is cooked, you can start assembling the musubi!

If you can handle the hot rice, there is no need to cool it down before you assemble the musubi.  Have all your ingredients handy in front of you before you start to assemble the musubi.

Place your musubi shaper (or spam container) on top of the nori - if you're using the spam container feel free to cut the nori in half so it fits the length of the container. I like a lot of rice in my musubi so Chef IBBG is very generous with the first layer of rice - which is not seasoned or diluted with vinegar.  Next comes the furikake - be as generous as you like and feel free to play around with the seasoning blend.

On top of the furikake comes the spam and then another thin layer of rice. The musubi shaper is built perfectly to fit two pieces of spam length wise. Now use the top thing-a-ma-jig that comes with the shaper or the lid of the spam (after its washed) and press down so the layers are all nice and snug!

Remove the musubi shaper and you should have something like this. Wrap the nori around the rice & spam so all of the exposed rice is covered - this makes it easier to hold and eat! Feel free to add a little water to the edges to help the nori stick. One roll can be sliced into three or four pieces, anything smaller then that just isn't enough for one person!

If you don't plan on eating the musubi right away you can wrap the entire roll in saran wrap or wrap individual portions for lunch or a late night snack. These can keep in the fridge for two days, but I highly doubt you'll be able to resist for so long!

For another variation, feel free to add a layer of kimchi on top of the spam before you add the final layer of rice. If for some reason you don't like spam, feel free to add eggs, fried chicken cutlets, jkimchi for a vegetarian option - whatever you like!

These make a great snack for hikes, picnics or days at the beach. While we were in Canmore, Chef IBBG whipped some up for our hikes and they were a great motivator to keep going... cause I knew at the end I could dig into one of these!

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