October 4, 2012


When I'm feeling sad, I eat steak. When I'm feeling happy, I eat steak. When I'm angry, I eat steak. Do you see where I am going with this? Steak is the cure for all that ails you.  Whose with me on this one? Huh, anyone?  

On this occasion, I got my Lake Louise girls together and we headed out to Saltlik for some steak. Besides The Keg, there are two other steakhouses in Banff. Saltlik, & Bison - which is just near by. To be honest, both establishments are excellent and are on par with each other. The reason I choose Saltlik over Bison is because of the Caesar aka Bloody Mary for you 'mericans.  The Saltlik Caesar is rimmed with their own steak spice blend, freshly grated horseradish, and garnished with a pickled bean and/or asparagus, a honkin' piece of jerky and the usual olives and lime.. or at least it use to be!

Everytime I come back to Saltlik, the caesar gets less and less extravagant. On this occasion I jokingly mentioned to our server that I got ripped off with 'toppings' (shown above) and he came back with some more 'toppings' for me (shown below). That's always been one of the best parts about Saltlik, the service is exceptional and consistent every single time. He tried, but I was still bummed.

We started our meal with the French onion soup ($10) - caramelized onion broth, rosemary croutons, bubbly gruyere cheese, the Almost Famous Dry Ribs ($12) - tamarind honey glaze,  and the Tuna TarTare - wonton chips, avocado, sesame seed

Lyssa ordered the French onion soup and really liked it. She wished there was more of a crunchy top but the gooey cheese and the broth were great. I had a few spoonfuls of this and really enjoyed it myself. It wasn't salty and the cheese wasn't overpowering as well. The flavours were very rich and stayed piping hot the whole time.  The ribs are always a favourite of mine when I come to Saltlik. The flavours are just so right, it's sticky and sweet but not sickening. Not to sound cliche, but it is definitely one of those finger licking dishes. I never got a chance to nibble on the Tuna, but I appreciated the simplistic presentation. 

Next came the Duck Tacos ($11.5) - braised duck, asian bbq sauce, basil & cilantro creme on crispy wontons with micro greens and what I think is Shrimp Tacos and a Rigatoni pasta dish with sausage. I can't remember what the dishes below are and the online menu hasn't been update yet. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. How do they expect me to run a decent blog if they can't update their online menu?! Hmph! </rant>

All I can say is, at least they were generous with the shrimp and the pasta was cooked al dente but Lyssa and I wished there was more sauce on the pasta. It was a little on the dry side. The flavours of the sauce were right, I just wish there was more of it. 

The girls love the garlic toast ($5.5) here. They are thick pieces of toast all evenly toasted and slathered in garlic butter. I kind of rolled my eyes at the thought of ordering garlic bread but once I had a few bites I realized I was wrong. It was absolutely delicious. Each corner was perfectly toasted, creating a nice thin crust and it was incredibly moist and warm throughout with just the right balance of garlicyness™ - don't hate, I just made up my own word

Saltlik is one of those steak houses where the steak is served a la carte, meaning you get just the steak and all sides need to be ordered separately. Apparently their Calgary location doesn't operate this way but I've never been. Only two of us ordered steak, so we decided to limit the number of sides to just one each.  The Sok sister and I both shared the lobster mash potato ($9) and the pan roasted broccoli. All the sides are ideally meant to be shared and past around the table family style. The lobster mash potato was so good I am still dreaming about it! The potatoes were nice and creamy and they were pretty generous with the lobster as well. I consider cream and seafood to be BFFs in my book so this was heaven in my mouth! 

I ordered my usual, the Bodacious Rib-Eye with rosemary butter ($29. 5). They have one of those fancy shmancy grills that go up to insanely high temperatures to create that perfect crust on the outside - they don't mess around. They always get the colour of my steak (medium rare) perfect every time.  

The Sok sister originally ordered her steak well done and our server managed to talk her into getting it medium well. At that moment I wanted to stand up and give him a slow, proud clap. To me this speaks so much about the staff here and about the quality of the food. They want you to not just enjoy your meal but to enjoy it the best way possible. People who order steak well done should just order chicken.   Thats right, I said it! A well done steak is not how beef is suppose to be enjoyed, the meat turns grey and chewy and you just end up giving your jaw a work out. People often order a well done steak and then complain about either the cut, quality, or the cook who grilled it. Nuh uh, it is he who was silly enough to order it well done that should be blamed!

221 Bear St
Banff, AB
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  1. What I really like is how the meat slices are glistening in the light. It makes them all the more mouth-watering.

  2. People need to eat more fresh vegetables