November 23, 2012

How to make Dulce de leche

Happy Friday Foodnerds! This is going to be short and sweet:

Two Three easy steps to making liquid heaven:

  • buy a can of condensed milk
  • submerge in water
  • boil, boil, boil 

Add more water as you go, making sure to always keep the can submerged in water. After four episodes of Criminal Minds, feel free to remove and transfer the golden goodness to a jar. This'll store in the fridge for... well actually I don't know because It's never lasted more than two weeks in my house.  
I like to slather it on a toasted baguette with sliced fruit. It'll also go great in between a crepe, on top of ice cream.. you could pretty much slather it on top of a dirty sock and it would be delicious.

Enjoy! See you back Monday.


  1. Do you poke holes in the can to release the water and pressure?

    1. nope! just make sure to remove the paper label before you boil. keep the heat at medium to medium high and keep topping up the water so the can stays submerged. I like to boil mine on medium high heat to speed up the process but I never leave it unattended.