December 31, 2012

First Impression : WVRST

Sausages, duck fat fries, maple rosemary butter - do I need to say anymore?

Wverst pronounce "verst" was just recently introduced to be by my coworker (the same one who brought me to Ravi Soup's - I know she's a keeper!) It was my first time here so I was pretty excited to dig in. The first step is to pick a sausage - they've got anything from kangaroo or duck to the more typical chorizo or italian sausage - even veggie options too! Next step is how you want it - either on a bun with a choice of two toppings (sweet sautéed onions, sauerkraut, sautéed jalepenos, and sweet peppers) or you can have your sausage "currywurst" which means your sausage is sliced and served with a slice of bread and tomato curry sauce.
On this occasion we came during lunch and it was pretty quiet. Quite a surprise since I'm told this place can get pretty busy during lunch and later on in the evening. The kitchen is open till last call and they have a resident DJ and a huge beer menu. 

I ordered the duck sausage on a bun with a raspberry lemonade and my coworker and I shared the duck fat fries. We ordered their curry and maple + rosemary butter for dipping - which was, as my coworker would say "a very good life decision" The fries were crisp, salt, and absolutely perfect accompanied by their house made dipping sauces.
We also ordered the chorizo and bratwverst curried as well as the calabrese with sweet peppers and onions. I ordered sauerkraut and sautéed onions on my duck sausage.

I was a little iffy about the curried sausage, but once I had a bite I was all in! The tomato curry was excellent and packed with a lot of flavour, definitely not something I expected from a place that specializes in sausage. But trust me on this one, you want to get your sausage currywurst. 

The only downside is the portion is absolutely tiny - like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen tiny! They don't recommend getting any of the game sausages curried but I'd like to disagree and say my duck sausage would have been bomb dot com smothered in that curry sauce. 
To be honest, the portions were really small and the sausages a little on the pricey side. But the quality, and the environment makes wverst a pretty cool joint. I am sure this place would make an awesome after work hangout or even better, after a night out on the town!

I really loved the subway tiles on the wall, the lights on the ceiling and the communal style tables. It turns a simple meal into an ideal setting for socializing. Next time I'm in - I'm getting the Kangaroo sausage! 

609 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
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