December 14, 2012

Ravi Soups

Guess what time of year it is? Christmas? No. New Years? Not quite. End of the world? Not really. It's soup season!! I'm not a huge soup person but there's something about a nice hot bowl of soup on a cold muggy day, that makes this miserable Ontario weather a little bit more bearable.

Today, my coworkers took me out to Ravi Soups. This is a wrap and soup kinda that's all they have on the menu kinda place. I mean when the menu is that small - you know it's going to be pretty awesome! I'm not a huge wrap person myself but I made an exception for Ravi.

My coworker ordered the Chicken Hot Pot Broth - tofu, coconut milk, lemon grass, kaffir lime, fresh noodles, & bok choy and Lamb Wrap Combo ($10.99) They're really big on spinach and roasted yam in their wraps - which is fine by me because it does a great job of sopping up all the juices of the meat.
I ordered their special steak wrap and Corn Chowder with blue crab and thai basil soup combo($10.99) This soup was absolutely mind blowing. I mean, legit food orgasm cue inappropriate noises good! Every spoonful just kept getting better and better. The flavours were bold without being over powering. There were niblets of sweet corn scattered throughout and the fried shallots were littered throughout the soup so every so often you'd get a bite of something salty and sweet. I am salivating just thinking about it. 

My steak wrap was pretty bomb diggity as well. The huge, tender chunks of steak and warm sweet chunks of yam were excellent. There was also the perfect ratio of tortilia, meat and veg in the wrap so every mouthful had just enough of everything. 

The soup and wraps came on individual lazy susan's so you can quickly jump from scarfing down your wrap to inhaling your soup! Genius! 

The joint itself is pretty tiny and actually only has one huge communal table and four tables at the back. The kitchen is literally four by four placed in the middle of the restaurant. The guy cooking your meal is also the same dude asking you if you're diggin' it too. Super casual and relaxed atmosphere. I could tell from my seat the patio looks like a vibrant and inviting place to enjoy a quick lunch during the summer. 

This place gets pretty packed during lunch hour so try to eat early or come around later in the afternoon to beat the rush. 

Have a great weekend! I'll catch you back here on Monday for more food porn!

Ravi Soup
322 Adelaide St W
Toronto, On
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