January 7, 2013

Thompson Diner

Someone once told me the Thompson Diner, (located in the Thompson Hotel) has THE BEST fried chicken, so naturally ...... I HAD TO HAVE IT!

We headed on over for lunch one day and because we were still at work, we didn't really have time to sit down and eat....so, I reluctantly agreed to take it to go. Even though I truly believe anything deep fried should never be taken to go - it should be consumed on the spot so you're able to enjoy it in its true glory.  Nonetheless, we got two orders of the fried chicken with cheesy mashy ($14.25), fries and onion rings ($6.50) and the Santa Fe Chicken Salad ($14.25) to go!

With the fifteen minute walk back to the office from the Thompson Diner I expected a little bit of soggy action to occur so I was completely blown away when we opened up the containers to find the chicken and onion rings still as crispy as ever! #mindblown
The batter on this chicken is absolutely phenomenal! I could literally hear the crunch, crunch, crunch of the batter as I teared into the chicken. The onion rings were pretty mind blowing as well. Super crunchy exterior and the onion itself was nice and crisp with some bite, instead of the usual limp onion. I mean, just look at the coating on that onion!  I can still hear it in my ears as I'm typing this! 

I was also pretty impressed by the portion size. For fifteen bucks we got four pieces of chicken and a tub of cheesy mash potato. 
The salad was good - but not for $15!  I did appreciate the extra greens on my plate to offset all the deep fried goodness though. 
Because we didn't dine in I can't say much about the service or the atmosphere but The Thompson definitely knows what they're doing when it comes to fried chicken and I will for sure be back for seconds - this time I will eat in. I'm told the fried chicken comes in a bucket and the servers wear bow ties - who doesn't love bow ties?! 

Thompson Diner
51 Bathurst Street
Toronto, On
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  1. I'm always on the hunt for great Fried Chicken. Have you been to The Stockyards? They're my current bar for Fried Chicken quality in Toronto. How does this stack up?

    1. I HAVEN'T BEEN!! but that is next on my list! do you have a review up?