February 18, 2013

First Impression: Aroma

Todays Lunch is brought to you by Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine. For $11.95 what you get is a pretty bomb diggity belly filling lunch! 

I'm not going to claim to know all the names of these dishes or even what the ingredients are. But if you're ever in the neighbourhood and are looking for some cheap eats, THIS is the place to be. The flavour of each dish was well balanced and perfectly layered. And for you mild eaters - there are some good eats on the menu for you too! During dinner you're able to customize the heat level but for lunch they like to tame down the heat a bit.

My favourite thing about this place was each dish had a distinct flavour - often times they use the same curry base and add a different protein/vegetable but nope, not this place. Each dish had a distinguished flavour and you were able to taste the variety between all the dishes. There was also a great selection between veggie and meat dishes. They even had a curried fish which I really enjoyed! 
This place is great for large groups as well and although it was quite busy when we arrived, we were seated right away and the service was always polite and very courteous. They were great with keeping up with the buffet as well!
Without breaking the bank, the lunch buffet at Aroma would make a great introductory place for someone new to Indian cuisine. You're able to see and smell and sample all the different dishes without making a commitment. Check it out! This place is delicious!

Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine
287 King Street West
Toronto, On
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