February 12, 2013

Ford Blue Party

I finally got my drivers license and I bought a Ford!! ONE or BOTH of these statements are true - keep reading to find out which one...

Okay so maybe I didn't go out and buy a brand new car *ahem* unless Ford would like to give me one ...but they were nice enough to invite me out to their Annual Ford Blue Party showcasing some of their most fuel efficient cars and the unveiling of their new 2014 Ford Fiesta. I know what you're thinking... what does this have to do with food? Well everybody knows you can't have a good party without good food! Thats where I come in ...

Did I also mention we were partying straight through #stormageddon and it took me an extra long time to make it out to Sound Academy? But once I got there I headed straight for the open bar and then a quick left to the buffet station. 
There was a full 'tini station showcasing short rib martinis, a pierogi martini bar as well as a crab and shrimp salad martini - which was my favourite by the way. On top of that they also offered a full sandwich and poutine bar with all the fixings! So with my martini in hand - I was off to explore Fords new line up of hybrids.

 I promise I do not text and drive ...
Besides the food and the cars, they also provided a charging station for phones (cause they know how quickly twitter & instagram eats up your battery)  an arcade station, hair & makeup, massages and of course my favourite, an eyelash bar! DJ Clymaxx also provided some pretty sweet tunes throughout the night. 
Hands down, my most favourite part of the night had to be this epic dessert table. There was an array of blue candy and treats to satisfy any sweet tooth! From the meringue pops to the blue chocolate dipped strawberries to the blueberry liquorice - I really was in candy heaven! 

Thanks for the invite Ford! I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeves for next year! Make sure to follow them here if you're looking for an invite to next years Blue Party!

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