February 15, 2013

Pizza for Breakfast

Happy Friday Everyone! If you follow me on instagram - which you do right? Then you've seen this meal before. But for those not in the know, this is one of the best perks of my job! 

If you follow me on instagram (Chanry) or twitter (@theRealchanry) then you know some of my best meals happen on the job! You see I have this amazing job that lets me hang out with some other amazing foodies and together we spend our days eating some amazing food.

This particular morning I was racking my brain about what to have for breakfast... then Jason our Chef has this genius idea of Pizza for breakfast. Within a few minutes he whipped up this masterpiece! He started with some olive oil on pre-baked pizza shells and pan fried pancetta. Then he layered on some cheese and spinach. Feel free to substitute with whatever you have in your fridge: ham, asparagus, parmesan, etc.

They go into the oven at 350 (remember we are using a commercial oven so for you folks at home try playing around 300-375)  for about four minutes or until the cheese is melted, then crack a few eggs on top and back in the oven for another few minutes till the egg is cooked till your liking. 
We all like our eggs pretty runny so they came out of the oven in a few minutes or so. I threw some chilli flakes on my slice and called it a day.  I loved ripping of the crust and dunking it straight into the yolk! What a great way to start the morning!
And because it was a miserably cold day outside I whipped up some pink lemonade (lemonade with a plash of grapefruit juice) for the staff and I. All I needed was a few pink umbrellas and a view of the ocean!  

Have a great weekend guys! I'll see you back here Monday.

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