February 4, 2013

The Dirty South

The Dirty South food truck officially hit the streets July 2012 serving up comfort food from ... you guest it, the dirty South! I've been hearing a lot of buzz about their "Dirty Southern Love" sandwich - in fact, its been on my foodie bucket list for a few months now so when I found out they'd be parked down the street from me for the next three hours... I put pants on, started up the car  and headed on down!

The Dirty Southern Love is crispy fried chicken tossed in mild Louisiana butter sauce, a thick sliced of candied bacon layered between three homemade buttermilk waffles and some baby arugula for garnish!  I also ordered their daily special, chicken tacos, and they were generous enough to throw in some fried wontons.
First off, I'd like to point out how orgasmic and beautiful this sandwich is. Can you believe this came out of a truck?! I was completely blown away! This is exactly what foodie dreams are made of! It's also not as gigantic and daunting as my amazing macro photography skills lead you to believe. The portion sizing is perfect and it fit beautifully between my two dainty hands.

Now let's get down to business - anyone who follows this blog knows how much I love fried chicken, and how I just salivate at the thought of waffles coming along for the ride! The fried chicken here was really moist and crispy.  I wish it packed a little bit more heat but the arugula leaves gave it a kick! I could have done without that middle waffle piece though. The bacon was the perfect sweet to my savory chicken - I just wished they would have drizzled a little bit more syrup on the waffle.
The tacos they had on special that day were similar to the dirty southern love - minus the waffles, add corn tortilla  some fresh tomatoes and a little sprinkling of cheese. These were good. They weren't mind blowing or anything special - but everything was fresh and I got more of that yummy chicken! What was completely unexpected was the fried wantons they threw in. The filling was similar to their pulled pork tacos but deep fried in a wanton with a buttermilk ranch dipping sauce.  The order came with three but I could have easily had four or five of these. They were sweet and juicy and came together perfectly with the sauce. I would love to see this on the menu on the regular!
One of the best things about Hamilton is their abundance of food trucks. I am definitely behind this food truck movement and I'm hoping the city will loosen up its rules and we'll be seeing more trucks on Hamilton Streets! Make sure to follow these guys on facebook and twitter!

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