March 1, 2013


A handful of us went out for dinner at Sotiris in Burlington a few weeks back for my sisters birthday and it was a less than lovely experience. We'll talk about that later - for now, lets talk about the food! 

The portions at Sotiris are always grand and I always end up with leftovers. On this occasion we ordered the Saganaki ($10.99) - flaming kefalotyri cheese. If you like things really salty and cheesey you'll absolutely love this dish. Although it's a small portion the strong flavours go a long way and this dish can be easily shared between two/three people. 

Next we shared the Breaded Seafood platter for Two ($41.99) which came with two pieces of breaded filet of sole, four shrimp, four scallops, kalamari, greek salad, roast potatoes, garlic bread and tzatiki. The portions were so huge we shared this amongst the three of us and still had left overs! 
Now, for the less than lovely part. We've been going to Sotiris for years now, even before they upgraded to this grand new location a few years ago. Unfortunately every time I return my dining experience gets worse and worse and my sisters recent birthday dinner was really the last straw. 

There was about twenty of us at the table and the entire meal from start to finish was about four hours. It wasn't a long dinner because we were enjoying ourselves - it was a long dinner because the service and food took forever. The cheque times were at least 40-60 minutes. For such a large table they only assigned us one server and another server who helped dropped the dishes on the table. The poor girl was in over her head! 

It took over thirty minutes for a soup to arrive at the table, we had to repeatedly ask for our drink orders and a refill of water and one of our appetizers got forgotten about but by the time our server remembered it was too late, we canceled the order, and she said it would have been "too much food for us any ways".

Sotiris is known for very salty dishes and by the time we got our main dishes we were all rationing our water because we knew we'd never get another drink refill since it took forever to get the waters on the table in the first place. This is the first time in my life I literally had to watch the consumption of water because I was scared I'd be left parched at the end of the meal.

I really don't understand how a few souvlaki plates and greek salads could take so long to come to the table. I was absolutely appalled by the wait time and the lack of empathy from the server. I don't actually blame the server for this, I blame management. The kitchen was clearly understaffed if it took that long for our plates to arrive (food wasn't dropped all at once either) and they were understaffed on the floor.  Not once did management help run a plate to the table or top up water.  Whether I'm here with a four top or a twenty, service is always horrible. It's not personable, warm, or inviting. I'm treated like a banquet guest who needs to eat, pay and then leave. 

This last occasion will be the last time I go Sotiris. I can get my Greek fix somewhere else. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments! 

3135 Harvest Rd
Burlington, On
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  1. Oh my goodness! I don't go to Sotoris off because I don't want it to become commonplace, however, it is my favourite Greek restaurant. When I'm eating my Chicken Souvlaki, I have to close my eyes and feel like I'm in heaven, it is so good! One problem though is that they are very skimpy with the amount of tzatiki...And the baklava dessert I have there is also heavenly. I've never received service there that wasn't good! I almost feel like printing the negative comments out and showing them to Management as I would hate their business to be affected. On a Saturday night, with over 300 seats I've been there and had to wait 45 minutes to get a seat, that is how good it is! Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie!

      This is how I use to feel about Sotoris. I use to count down the days till my next visit!! I have been going there for years ... even before the fancy new location. But in the last few visits, the service has been getting less and less memorable. It's unfortunate because we use to bring friends and do all our birthdays there - because it was always big enough to handle a large reservation - but the last time we were there was just the last straw! I can't ignore bad service. its unfortunate.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and read my post! It means a lot!

    2. The old place on Plains road was great with their service, for it was on a lot small scale. I do feel for the staff, way to few of them. One time husband and I went for late lunch (2ish) and our Souvlaki on pita, with salad and coffee took total of 2 hours. There were 3 other couples in restrant at the time. We use to go 3 times a month now its like 3 times a yrs. to bad for the food is 10 out of 10. ITS THE SERVICE. hate to complain but it is true.

  2. The food is good only one problem lack of management skills, rude and no people skills. They all need classes on that and perhaps learn how to treat employees , been going there for years servers never last long just the ones who been there for years and hostess well they are lazy bad selection for greeting customers. No idea why the labour board has not been called and reported them. One reason l will not give them my money