April 5, 2013

First Impression & Quick Bites: Weslodge

Ever since Weslodge opened a few months ago, I have been eyeing those big yellow doors every time I walked by, itching for an excuse to walk in. The day finally came when a few co-workers and I decided to gather the gang together and head down for a few mid-week drinks! 

When we first walked in, we were told there weren't any tables available but we were free to congregate around a pole in the middle of the room, after we quickly declined that option, the host offered us a table that would only be available till 8pm. Thats fine since we were only staying for a few drinks and some snacks. Why am I telling you this? Pay attention...this'll come up later. 
Any who, once we sat down and got a chance to really scope out the place  - we were starting to dig the vibe.  Very Kensington Market meets the Financial District. I loved the old school leather banquets, chalkboard signs and especially all the taxidermy on the walls. Heads up to anyone who gets the heebie jeebies over dead animals, this might not be your scene.

The drinks were definitely big girl drinks - don't expect to walk in and get a red bull vodka, and be ready to pay a pretty penny. 
We ordered the Herb Spatzle with wild mushroom and lamb bacon ($8) a few orders of the Scotch Egg with chorizo, tomato jam and black truffle ($5) and the Squash Tater Tots with chorizo ($7). Please do not be fooled, dishes here aren't actually that affordable. We all were looking for "snacks" so we ordered from the apps and "sides" menu. 
Spatzle (think egg noodles/baby dumplings) is something I am a huge fan of and try to order it as often as I can. I love mushrooms and bacon so naturally I was a fan of this dish. It was a decent size for the price as well.

The scotch egg was really what I came for though. What they forget to mention is that it's a quail egg. I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely loved the creaminess of the egg and the spicy chorizo. I could have easily had a second or third one of these...because they were so damn tiny! For $5, this was the most economical thing on the menu. 

The squash tater tots (feature picture) was the biggest disappointment. The middle of the tater tot was creamy and gooey and had the oddest flavour combination. It was like a mild flavoured liquified squash on the inside and a crunchy crust on the outside. Nobody at the table was really diggin' the texture and flavour of this one.
Shortly after we got our dishes we were ask by the host to leave. Thats right! You read correctly. At about ten to seven we were asked to leave because the host needed the table. Our jaws dropped to the floor. We knew we needed to vacate the table at eight, but to kick us out an hour early after only seating us not even forty minutes ago!? We were appalled. Shame on you Weslodge, what poor service! 

I don't mind paying a pretty penny for well deserved food and service - it's just too bad Weslodge isn't that place - for me. As delicious as the scotch eggs were - bad service is something hard to forget. I'm glad I finally got the chance to satisfy my curiosity and check the place out but I don't see   myself coming back anytime soon. If you're into the stereotypical "King West" scene - this place has your name written all over it! 

480 King Street West 
Toronto, On
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