June 17, 2013

Brews n' Bands

A few Saturdays ago I headed out to The Casbah's "Brew 'n Bands" Craft Beer Fest. I know beer isn't really my thing, and ya'll know that - but it sounded like a great event and it also gave me the chance to finally meet Kristen from the I Heart Hamilton blog. Can you believe we both went to the same high school one year apart? Small world or what? Anyways, it's always a pleasure when I get to meet  fellow bloggers from the internet - in real life. It's like seeing a unicorn, you can never be disappointed! 

I also wanted to say "Thanks" to my friend Joe who thought of the new blog name for me. Did you guys even notice?! He is a huge beer fan, and coming from California - I wanted him to see what Hamilton's throwing down. Okay, enough with the gangster talk - time for beer! 
Brew 'n Bands came about when the owners of the Casbah - Brodie & his wife realized they've been presenting local underground-culture music to Hamilton for a decade, but they've  been selling corporate beer! So out goes the Bud Lights, and the Molson Canadians and in comes, locally sourced craft beer. Once a year they bring together great bands, great music, and great beer to celebrate one of the best decisions they've ever made - or at least I think so. 

Tickets were $25 and with that came 10 drink tickets, a complimentary beer glass, access to the Pre- Party happening the night before and a live concert at the end of the tasting. The tickets were generously supplied to me but we bought our own drink tickets. I thought this was a fantastic value! All the beer samples were one ticket each and all of the vendors were incredibly generous with their pour. A few of the breweries were: Muskoka Brewery, Amsterdam Beer, Flying Monkeys Craft, and some of the more well known Millstreet and Steamwhistle. My favourite was the Green Apple Pilsner from Nickel Brooke. Yes, it was the girliest, non beer tasting one there. There was also a watermelon flavoured one I really enjoyed as well.
There was also a handful of local food vendors such as Rapscallion, Dirty South Truck, NaRoma and the debut of Taco Cat! I spent a good chunk of time speaking to Amy from Taco Cat and can I just say what a doll she was? It is so nice to meet someone from Hamilton who isn't bat %$& crazy but rather completely enthused and energetic about Hamilton and its's food scene! It was very refreshing- look out for their food truck coming soon! I tried their Tequila Lime Chicken and Beef Barbacoa Taco. The chicken was 'aight but the beef packed a huge punch - waaaaay spicey - which I really liked.

As usual, I completely fan-girled rapscallion with "omgz I love you guys nom nom nom" - no worries it wasn't awkward at all. Have you been yet? What are you waiting for? 
I also had some rhubarb pie from Hattie's pies - a local pop up baking seasonal pies. I never turn down rhubarb anything!  

OKAY - so it's obvious I didn't get too many pictures of the craft beers - lets just say the lighting was a bloggers nightmare! But if you're itching to trying some local brews head down to The Casbah and check out their selection! You won't be disappointed.

Make sure to check out Kristen's article on Brews 'n Bands here

*I was provided a media pass for me and Joe for this event- but drink tickets were purchased by us*

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