July 19, 2013

Bubble Republic

I have this theory that the further you drive away from Hamilton, the better the Bubble Tea gets. We headed to Bubble Republic in Missisauga to test that theory.  My friends Ken & Jess suggested this place and highly reccomended the Caramel Pudding Black Tea and either the fried chicken or fried pork chops. Sarah, Sam and I decided to order one Diamond Black Tea, Honey Dew Iced Black Tea, and of course, the Caramel Pudding Black Tea.
The flavours were pretty legit - super rich and creamy and not at all powdery. You get two size options for tapioca (yay!) and they were fresh and perfectly soft and chewy. There were also tons of other BBT toppings like lychee, green apple, and coconut jelly - even ice cream! 

The Caramel Pudding Black Tea  came with actual huge chunks of black grass jelly. I loved it - super refreshing and great texture/flavour. 
Sarah ordered the  Taiwanese Sausage on Rice ($8.25) combo - which comes with a small chilled black tea or milk tea. Underneath that mountain of sausage was sautéed veggies and underneath that egg were tiny morsels or sautéed pork belly Yea, - what pleasant surprise!
Sam went with Fried Squid Balls and Taiwanese Fish cakes. These were a huge fail in our books, no flavour and just soaking in oil. Blah - what a let down. No one does fried balls like Pacific Mall. Thats right - I said it. 
I ordered the Fried Pork Chop ($7) combo. Don't be fooled by this picture - the pork chop was huge. Just like Sarah's dish, mine came with veggies and pork belly as well. The pork was juicy and crispy and not at all over cooked - very pleasantly surprised.

The verdict? Sadly, bubble tea does get better outside of Hamilton - but you don't have to go too far. I will definitely be going back to Bubble Republic for the fried chicken. Everybody and their mom was ordering plates of them while we were there.

Bubble Republic
4040 Creditview Road - Unit 24
Missisauga, On
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