July 17, 2013

Itty Bitty Pie Party

If you haven't heard yet, I'm on a mission to explore as many Farmer Markets as possible this summer. On this occasion the Itty Bitty Pie Company is what triggered my visit to the Grimsby Market. The Grimsby Farmers' Market has more than thirty local farm vendors - and they've only been doing this for three years.
It all started a few months ago at the Peller Estate's  "Food Truck Eats"". I was disappointing with Itty Bitty Pies and mentioned it in my post. The next day, Pam from Itty Bitty Pies contacted me, apologized for my unfortunate experience and offered me a dozen of her pies so I can have my own Itty Bitty Pie Party. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

I'd like to commend Itty Bitty Pies - they took a moment that left a sour taste in my mouth and completely turned it around - great customer service. I didn't reach out to them so I was pleasantly surprised when Pam reached out to me, it showed me how much faith she had in her pies to offer me a do-over. Because she's based out of St. Catherines, the Grimsby Market was a happy medium between the both of us. 
Anyways - back to the market! So many amazing things!  We found garlic scape, fresh flowers and a beautiful deli stand selling gluten free sausages and cooking up fresh gourmet links on the bbq! There was also a lovely gentleman offering local cranberry juice samples.

I'm gunna be honest and say, farmers aren't always the friendliest of people - they're not exactly veterans in the customer service world so some of them are a little intimidating and even a little standoff-ish. But I find once you start asking questions about their produce/product - that's when the chatty kathy's come out. Love talking to people who are passionate about their jobs!
We actually walked by and saw these pies being set up but hesitated because we were here to already pick up a dozen sweets - turns out as we were circling our way back - these were the Itty Bitty Pies we originally came for!
Unfortunate Pam herself was not at the market but her darling mom was. I walked away with a little bit of everything. Key lime, s'mores, rhubarb crumble - just to name a few. Her mom was so sweet, I could have spent all day chatting with her. Itty Bitty Pies also dabbles in savoury meat pies, but there were none to be had the day we were there.

I shared half a dozen with the girls and brought the other half with me to my internship at Hamilton Magazine. Both groups devoured them - especially the team at Hamilton Magazine!
Another brilliant discovery at the market was Home Town Ice cream. This lovely lady makes them from scratch - no preservatives or artificial additives. She has fresh, and unique flavours - such as basil, carrot cake and rhubarb + strawberry. The basil ice cream was some of the best I've ever had. She does an incredible job of really giving you intense flavours - I will definitely be back for these.

For a market that isn't very large - they sure pack a handful of delightful surprises. I could have spent all day exploring the market and the rest of Grimsby - but it started to down pour so we quickly skedaddle outta there! Check them out every Thursday from 3-7pm.


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