July 12, 2013

No Brainer Rhubarb

When I was a little kid growing up in Camrose, Alberta I use to break into people's backyards and rip apart their rhubarb bushes, pick their crab apples, and pull up their carrots. Why? Because I was a total douche bag.  Now, I love the stuff and I just head to the Farmer's market  to satisfy my rhubarb cravings. I still love crab apples though, so watch out for me in your  backyards =) 

Here are two of my favourite  no brainer rhubarb recipes. 
Rhubarb Iced Tea
1 part Rhubarb
2 parts water 
Simple Syrup to taste 
Basically if you have one cup of Rhubarb, use two cups of water. Let it come to a boil, then turn it down and let it simmer for about thirty to forty minutes. It really isn't rocket science.

Strain the liquid from the Rhubarb - I like to press the remaining rhubarb against the strainer so I can get every last ounce of juice.

From there, add simple syrup to taste (equal parts hot water and sugar). I like to finish it off with a squeeze of lime juice just for an extra tang!

Let it cool down and Enjoy!
Strawberry, Rhubarb & Raspberry Popsicles
1 Part Strawberry
1 Part Raspberry
Splash of Rhubarb Iced Tea or Fruit Juice 
For this recipe I used a Food Chopper I bought at Fortinos for $9. It's the "Everyday Essentials Mini Chopper" in a green box. It can hold 1.5 cups at a time and is perfect for chopping garlic, veggies, herbs - I even used it to chop up my cauliflower for "faux fried rice"  It was THE BEST investment I ever made. Go out and get yours - you will not regret it! I swear I am not getting paid to say this ... but if the people at Everyday Essentials would like to pay me - you know where to find me ;-D
I pureed everything into a jam like consistency, then I mixed it with a splash of the Rhubarb Iced Tea and then spooned them into these popsicle moulds I got at the dollar star. 
Like everything else you get at the dollar store - the mould was total S%^$  - I couln't get the popsicles out! So I scoped up the mixture into a bowl and voila - you have sorbet! C'est la vie right? Not every recipe will work out as planned. 
Get out to the farmers market and enjoy farm fresh rhubarb while you can - they're cheap and delicious! 


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