August 9, 2013

August Foodie Events

Seems like "Better late than Never" is a trend around these parks.  Just in time for the weekend right? 

AUGUST 9th, 10th, 11th - Taste of Danforth

Showcasing Greek food, culture and music.

AUGUST 11th:  Sushi Making for The Soul 

Making Sushi with Sang - the owner of Yakitori Bar! I've heard great things about not only the man - but the class itself

AUGUST 17th: A Mid Summers Dream 

Not exactly a food event but there will be yummy food there. There will be live music, colour throwing, buskers art installations ... you'll have a good time!

AUGUST 23rd - AUGUST 25th:  Winona Peach Festival

AUGUST 30th-31st: Oktoberfest

Food, Beer Gardens, Music - you know the drill.

AUGUST 30th - AUGUST 31st - Ribfest

Canada's Largest Ribfest Happening at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington . Need I say more?

Happening Every Week: 

Sunday Brunch Al Fresco:  hosted by Dillon's Small Batch Distillers & Death Row Meals.
 Enjoy cocktails from Dillon's and food from your favourite food trucks. A different truck every week.

Seven Sundays: Free Music + Food Trucks + eating outside on the grass. Take advantage of the last few summer weekends we have!

Wednesday Night Market at 99 Sudbury St. (Toronto) - anything from farmers with fresh produce, cheese to food trucks and prepared food.

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