October 14, 2013

Eatalia: Part Two

Last week I told you about my fantastic tasting meal at Eatalia. Well during that meal I kept seeing the dishes everyone else was ordering and I got a little food envy - so to saytisfy my cravings,  I dragged my girlfriends Joanna and Kandi out for dinner.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, this place is absolutely beautiful, and incredibly warm and inviting. I was told by Oz, the manager, this place was once a bank and the private room (shown above) was the GM's office. They did a great job of creating a little nook for private events.
Even before my first visit to Eatalia, I was eyeing the Beef Carpaccio ($8.00) - arugula, grana padano, evoo, roasted artichoke caper aioli. Ever since my first visit to Paris, I have been obsessed with carpaccio and I try to order it as often as possible. For me, it's the combination of the smooth and creamy beef with the peppery spice of the arugula. The ingredients are so simple but incredibly satisfying and clean. I could have done without the aioli, and a few wedges of lemon instead would have been great. This would have made a beautiful light lunch. The portion was perfect and it was incredibly affordable to boot. 
Kandi ordered the Meatballs with Riccotta ($10.00). This was a bit of a miss for me personally. The meatballs were a little dense and the sauce was very salty. The portion was great and there is a ton of potential in the dish, I just think this was a bad batch of tomato sauce. The salt level was a personal preference though so I didn't mention it to our server. 
I absolutely love the chandelier in the middle of the restaurant and the round room creates a very comfortable environment. You're able to see everyone else in the room but the furnishings and the different styles of seating create little intimate pods for conversation and personal dining. This really is a gem of a restaurant! 
For the mains, Kandi ordered Spaghetti Alla Bolognese ($17.00) - Holy Trinity of Ground Pork, Beef, and Veal simmered with plum tomato, and shaved peccorino. I think this was a bad ordering choice on Kandi's part because she got stuck with the same salty tomato sauce again! But according to her, she had it the next day and it was much better. The pasta on the other hand was cooked to perfection. Perfectly al dente! You can tell the water used to cook the pasta was beautifully salted. I found the dish salty but in an addictive way. I kept going back for more - each time commenting on the salt level, but that never stopped me from going back. 
I ordered the Bianca ($14.00) - Sliced Vine Riped Tomato, Double Smoked Bacon, Carmalized Onion and Bufalo Mozzarella and although it was a good pizza, I should have gone with my gut and ordered the Potato - sliced potato, fried sage, pancetta and taleggio. Damn it, the girls for talking me into "playing it safe". I Just found the Bianca to be a little bit boring. Yes it was delicious but I wanted more of an umph! The dough was perfect and it was cooked to perfection - crispy on the bottom but still chewy.
Joanna was the winner during this meal, she ordered the Bucatini Alla Carbonara ($17.00) - Pancetta, Egg, Cream, Parmesan. I kept going back for more and more. This dish was fantastic! The pasta again, perfectly al dente, the sauce was creamy and rich and wasn't too "eggy" like some carbonara's can be when cooked improperly. The little bits of pancetta were delicious and the saltiness cut the cream beautifully. I can not say enough great things about this dish. 

The portions of all of our mains were huge, we all took left overs home. My pizza the next morning was even better to be honest. 
The real reason why I had pizza left over was because I had to stop myself to make room for the tiramisu - the number one reason why I came back to Eatalia. Kandi ordered their house made cheese cake. The cheese cake was great - but a bit of an ugly duckling sitting beside my beautiful tiramisu square. What a beauty eh? 

Happy Eating! 

527 Brant Street
Burlington, Ont
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