October 21, 2013

Millie Creperie

That's right - middle of October and I'm still holding onto summer with my bare hands. I am not ready for you old man winter - so back off!

My latest discovery, Japanese crepes. These beauties are a little different than your typical French crepes - the batter is thinner and slightly sweeter. Millie Crepes is owned by a duo who traveled Asia and discovered these delicious cones while in - you guessed it, Japan. 

First off, they' re absolutely fricken adorable. I'm sorry, I hate describing food as "cute" or "adorable" but c'mon look at them - they're soooo cute! Like me, they're more than just good looks, they're the perfect summer on-the-go snack.  The flavour combinations aren't you're classic French flavours either. 
On this occasion, my friend Maum ordered the Japanese special - strawberry, azuki, green tea gelato, macha sauce & chipped cream ($6.75). This one was beautifully presented and a great flavour combination. All the flavours were very light and refreshing. 

I ordered the Mango Tango - strawberries, mango gelato & whipped cream ($5.95) - mine was equally as delicious and refreshing. When I say "refreshing" I mean, I wasn't weighed down by them and they didn't cling for dear life to the insides of my stomach. You know what I mean right?  The flavours were light and worked well with each other. The combinations were simple and nothing fussy - but very well executed. 
These looked a little labour intensive but the finished result is completely worth it. I thought they were going to be absurdly awkward to eat and a huge mess and to be honest I really just showed up so I could get some instagram shots of these fricken adorable things. I can't help it - they're so cute! They're like the golden retrievers of the dessert world.

But surprisingly, they were so delightful and tasty. They turned into something new with every bite.  I found myself scooping up bits of gelato and whipped cream like an ice-cream cone until I could finally squish the crepe and take a bite out of it, like an ice-cream sandwich and finally the last few bites brought you back to a traditional soft french crepe, after the gelato has had its chance to melt and marinate the inside of the crepe. This was also my favourite part because you're able to get a little bit of everything in every bite. 
Those who are fans of Asian style desserts will definitely enjoy these. Nothing is overly sweet and doesn't sit too heavy. I can't wait to go back and try the other flavours. I'm lookingforward to seeing how they'll transition during the winter months.  They also do savory crepes and parfaits - with pocky.  Just the parfaits come with pocky - not the savoury crepe, you know what I mean right? Jeez what's wrong with me today?

These also make an  awesome on the go snack, in fact, I could probably eat these riding a bike, or reading a book - if I knew how to ride a bike, or read. Just kidding. 

Happy Eating!

Millie Creperie
161 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON
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  1. Hi. My friend told me about your blog and also "Cooking With Mr. C." on Facebook, which I just "Liked". I'm so glad when people share blogs with each other. Denise

    1. Helllooooo! Is your friend Patty or Melida? If so, I love you to death already! Thanks SO MUCH for reading