October 23, 2013

Sunday Cooking School

A few Sundays ago I got invited by Tanisha from Roux Commissary to attend their first ever, "Sunday School" cooking class. Roux Commissary is based in Hamilton and provides kitchen space for food trucks and anybody looking to do some cooking in a commercial kitchen. Chef Iain Kirkpatrick and Chef Christina Mulder lead a demo on hollaindaise sauce and all things needed to host a spectacular brunch. 

I've been to my fare share of cooking classes and there are usually two types: 

  1. They cook and you watch 
  2. You cook while they talk

Knowing that Roux is a fully functioning commerical kitchen - I was excited to see what they had in store.
You definitely feel like you're in the big leagues when you walk into the space. This is the exact spot some of your beloved Food Trucks created those mouth watering dishes you've stood in line for. After the introductions and hellos, Susan - one of our lovely hostesses, had a mimosa in my hand faster than I could take off my jacket. I instantly knew this was going to be a pretty awesome afternoon. 

What I really loved about this class and what set it apart from others was the relaxed pace of the whole afternoon. Those who wanted to cook, cooked and those who wanted to mingle and socialize were free to do so. It didn't feel like a structured lecture but instead more of a learn at your own pace kinda feel. Naturally I stuck to the mimosa and socializing part of the class - what? Are you really surprised? Another unexpected part of the class was the attendees'. I was ecstatic to see that I'd finally get a chance to put faces to a handful of people in the #hamont community that I've been [internet] stocking. For starters, I finally met the beautiful faces behind Cake & Loaf, the incredibly popular bake shop on Dundurn. If you haven't heard of C&L you've got to check out their Instagram feed - copious amounts of food porn - the best type of food porn too,  you know exactly where to go to get the real deal! The talented Chris Farias from Kitestring was also there and offered up some great comic relief. I love surrounding myself with funny people. I also got a lovely introduction to the Food4Kids program based in Hamilton. Oh- and I was finally able to put a face to Sid Friedman - co founder of Ontario Food Trucks. Sid and I are often referred to as twins - scroll down and let me know if you see a resemblance. It's like we were separated at birth.   For me, it was like looking into a mirror! On the menu for brunch was, poached eggs with peameal bacon on a potato pancake with hollandaise sauce and an avocado + cherry tomato salsa. Chef Iain and Chef Christina did a great job of teaching, entertaining and hosting. I was able to run around the room taking pictures, getting to know everyone and occasionally whisk a few eggs or two - just kidding, I didn't do that last part. It was the most entertaining and well structured cooking class I've been to yet. The class was also well tailored to all different ages and all levels of cooking skills. Despite how "idiot proof" the class was - I still spent the afternoon staying away from a knife and not making eye contact with Chef Iain when he asked for volunteers to help whisk the hollandaise. 
It was a great afternoon spent getting to know a lovely handful of Hamiltonians. It was also such a pleasure finally being able to put faces to people I've been tweeting and getting to know over the past few months. I told Tanisha meeting people from the internet is like seeing a unicorn: unbelievable! Everyone at Roux were so hospitable and sweet.
At the end we all gathered around a table and shared a delightful meal. I love eating delicious food with fellow foodies while talking about some of our favourite local joints. I couldn't say enough great things about Sunday School. There is only one more class on the books for Oct. 27th so make sure you scoop up a ticket! - click here for more info. 

*I was invited as a guest of Roux Commisarry and my attendance at Sunday School was complimentary. This post and the opinions in it are my own

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