October 17, 2013


"Mouth watering dishes" and "The best nachos I have ever eaten my entire life" are just some of the reviews I read for Work. There isn't much else on them besides reviews by local food blogs and with all  of them praising Work, I couldn't wait to head out there! How could my fellow foodies lead me astray? 
Suzanna and I headed out Friday night bursting with excitment  - she did some research herself and read all the glowing reviews. After we reviewed the menu, and asked our server for their most popular items, we narrowed it down to three dishes we would share family style. 
We ordered the famous confit chicken wings ($12.00). All the reviews described them as the go-to dish to order ie. all the blogs praised the s$%^ out of these wings. Which is why I had high expectations - maybe too high? Because all we got were some well executed chicken wings. The meat was moist and the skin was crispy - just like my moms chicken wings. There was nothing mind blowing about it. I was sad to see there wasn't anything extra ordinary about these puppies.

For those who don't know what "confit" means, it's basically a cooking technique - to cook something in its own fat - so I can assume these were cooked in chicken fat, not impressed. Bring out the duck fat - then we can talk.
For something light to snack on we ordered the Broccoli Tempura with ginger soy sauce ($8.00). This was probably a bad menu choice on our part because had I known they were going to be dressed in ginger soy sauce, I would have passed - or at least gotten the soy on the side. I found it a little foolish to throw sauce on something that's been battered. This resulted in a sog fest, which is a shame because the first few nuggets of broccoli were excellent. The tempura batter was light, crispy, well seasoned and and fried perfectly, no greasy finger residue. The addition of soy was good - but again,  I would have preferred it on the side.
Next up was the Sesame + sriracha pork nachos with sour cream, and cilantro ($12.00). This was another one highly reccomended by our server as well as the blog reviews. This was a great portion but only the top layer had any cheese or toppings - a big pet peeve of mine and often the main reason I don't like to order nachos. What I did really like was that each nacho chip was seasoned with a flavourful spice blend. The pork wasn't very noticeable and drowned out by the sriracha sauce and cheese. 

All in all, my experience at Work was a little disappointing.  The food was good, but nothing to write home about, which makes me wonder is it just me or are my fellow food bloggers on crack? Yes, Work has an incredibly creative menu, that rotates pretty frequently, but it was nothing but your average pub fare - mind you, it was probably cooked by a team better trained than your average team at Kelsey's but other than that - it was nothing special. So why all the praise food bloggers? Why lead me a stray? 

No worries,  I was a little upset at first but I still love you guys and stock ya'll religiously on the internet. 

So, is this how you feel when you read my reviews? LET ME KNOW! Do I hype something up and you're sorely disappointed during your visit? I know food is very objective. Everybody has their own opinion. Let me know in the comments if I've ever praised a place and when you went - it was s#$^

Happy Eating!

337 James Street North
Hamilton, On
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