January 8, 2014

Chubby, Single, & Ready for a Pringle

I debuted this gem of a t-shirt a few months ago at the Blog Fair and I'm happy to say you can now purchase them on the blog. But first - let me tell you how this gem got into life.
I originally saw this tshirt on my sisters pinterest board and I was instantly in love - I had to have it. I thought it was effen hilarious! It got me actually laughing out loud. Twelve hours later, I was exchanging emails with Cindy, the Director of Marketing for Dpcted Apparel and we were setting up something sweet. Just goes to show - if you want something, ask for it. That's my personal life mantra folks! 

Dpcted Apparel is based out of St. Louis, MO and they've got a line of catchy, hilarious t's for badasses. From "I Like Big Beards & I Can Not Lie" to "I Would Cuddle You so Hard" - they know how to express what you're thinking onto a super soft tshirt. 
The one below is naturally a favourite of mine - but my other favourites include "Chubby by Choice, Cuddly by Nature and the always popular "Don't Go Bacon my Heart" If you like to inject a little bit of humour in your outfits these unisex tshirts can be purchased here* or the link on the left hand side. They also have an equally humorous dog line. 

* Yes this is an affiliate link, I do get a small percentage of sales.  Can't hate a girl for trying to expand her side hustle right? 

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