January 17, 2014

Quick Bites: Sabai Sabai

Let's take a quick break from all that birthday talk and grab a "Quick Bite" - this is a series I started on the blog a while back when I wanted to share a new restaurant with you guys but I was too lazy to do a long and elaborate post - so what you get is something short and sweet. 
I am very picky about where I eat my Thai food - cause in all honestly - I can get that $%^& at home! Cambodian & Thai cuisine are very similar so if I have to pay for it - it better be bomb ass! And trust me when I say Chef Nuit and her Thai food is bomb diggity! She has a huge following with a majority of her restaurants being notorious for two hour line ups.

She's cooking at Sabai Sabai now and if you know what's good for you - you'll head down there as soon as possible! 
For dinner Sabai Sabai is tapas style but their lunch menu is regular portions with a few of her well known classics - Khao Soi anyone?  They also have a fantastic drink menu. On this occasion my friend and I sat at the bar and had the pleasure of watching the bartender pull out fresh berries and herbs to whip up a plethora of playful drinks. In fact, after we watched him make this Lychee Slushy we ordered two immediately!

My friend Rick ordered the Tom Yum Goong Noodle Soup with Shrimp ($12) with extra noodles - which I thought was a genius idea! I ordered the Crispy Fish with House made Tamarind Sauce & Fresh Green Papaya Salad & Rice ($12)

Not gunna lie - Rick totally ordered the better dish. The broth on this Tom Yum was phenomenal - spicy and sour with so many other notes of fresh kaffir and perfectly blanched mushrooms and the noodles were soft and chewy and just - damn it - I ordered the wrong dish!
Don't get me wrong, my fish was really good - but that's like saying "you're really pretty" until you're standing beside Heidi Klum - you know what I mean? My dish wasn't Heidi Klum. It was also not what I pictured in my head. The panko crust on the fish isn't very authentic Thai in my opinion and the tamarind sauce didn't add much to the overall dish. 

But - the papaya salad was money! Spicy, sour and exactly what I was expecting. The fish was suuuuper moist though and the portion was incredibly generous! My mom makes a similar dish and we love having either green papaya salad or a green mango salad with it - there's just something about a piece of white fish and sour notes that go really well together.
Over all, the drinks, food, and service was fantastic - so expect line ups at the door or come early. The flavours and portions were great (for lunch) and I'm definitely looking forward to coming back and trying the rest of the menu - like the stir fried morning glory or the grilled beef salad with roasted ground rice - and more of that lychee slushy --- ughh I have to stop thinking about it before it gives me a chubby.

Happy Eating!

Sabai Sabai
225 Church Street
Toronto, On
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