May 22, 2014

2014 Badass Blogs

If you follow me on any of my social media feeds (which you should) you know by now,  I was nominated for a BADASS BLOG award - and now I'm on a mission.  If you look at the other nominees - you can tell I'm in the big leagues. Like a my girlfriend Judy said, "it's like you got nominated and so did Angelina Jolie" But pshhh whatever, Step aside Haters. 

I've been telling everyone for years I'm a total badass - so it's about time ya'll recognize! 

Just kidding.

Is this the part where I say it's an honour to be nominated? Especially amongst pro's like Smitten Kitchen - well I won't say that. I won't even link to her blog (but google her because her site is amazing food porn and recipes). 

And I might be the only blogger nominated without 51K followers or a book deal.

But Suck It.  It's pretty clear I am the underdog here, and I wanna win Bitches!! 

Now Please VOTE HERE and vote as often as you can! Voting closes on May 30th!



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