August 9, 2014

The Hungry Gnome Turns TWO!

Guess who turned two this week?! MEEEE! I know, I look pretty young for my age - what can I say, it's the Asian genes and all that bacon. 

So, how crazy is it that my first blog post went up this time, two years ago?!  Since I missed my first year anniversary, lets just combine the two and take a walk down memory lane to recap these last two magnificent years. 

First off - my first ever post was on Bombay Grill - ugh, I squirmed just rereading that post! My writing, those pictures. I've improved immensely since then - right? right?! 
In the beginning, my blog was actually called "Get Around to Living" and it looked like this. My baby cousin Daphany did the whole thing for me.  She did an amazing job!
 A lot of my earlier posts were recipes and articles about my travels, like How to Eat Balut, How to make Spam Musubi and My 25th Birthday in Vietnam
How to eat balut
25th birthday in Vietnam
How to make spam musubi
A few months later, I somehow ended up at Hamilton Magazine and becoming a full fledge contributor - How did that even happen? - Oh wait, I know how. I harassed them to death on twitter till Marc, the Editor,  finally just started letting me hangout at the office. I was so adamant about improving my writing I needed to latch myself onto something legit. He once told me to be stingy with my exclamation marks. I obviously didn't listen because I use them like a mad women all over this site. I can't help it. I am easily  excited and I want you to know it!

Sometimes  to get what you want, you gotta hustle hard kids. I am a firm believer in figuring out what you want - and then asking of it! 
Sitting on my throne reading my section of Hamilton Magazine
In the past two years, The Hungry Gnome has spoiled me with some amazing opportunities. Like working with the Food Network, Skinny Girl Cocktails, Samuel Adams, Sauza Tequila, daaaamn am I a boozer or what?  
Lazy girl cocktails with Sauza Tequila
Shooting pics of comfort dishes turned into soups with The Burnt Tongue for The Food Network
Oh, and you can't forget my monthly #BIEat partnership with the Hamilton Economic Development Office, and some amazing events like this Chef Crawl (of all the amazing eats in the city), my amazing trip to the Canadian Club Brand Centre and being awarded 2014 Badass Blog. I can officially say I am an award winning blogger. Which sounds awesome in my head but totally douchey out loud. But, it won't stop me from shouting it out to the world though! #shameless
Mexibodian Feast with Samuel Adams
Dirty South's Dirty Southern Love showcased during Chefs Crawl
The CHANanator from Delirious - our 1st #BIEat
Besides showering me with materialistic goods and free meals, I've managed to use The Hungry Gnome to hustle me some amazing life long friendships. For instance, The Belly Monsters - a group of sassy, witty, food loving individuals. I'm proud to say I roll with these guys and if you haven't heard - we kinda like to get around. Proof is in the pudding here and here and here
The Belly Monsters and our Minions - photo c/o Sid Friedman
The prettier side of The Belly Monsters - photo c/o Sid Friedman
We're currently looking for anyone willing to sponsor our next Belly Monster Crawl. We mean business. Amex? Visa? Mastercard? Have your people call our people. 
Skinny Girl Cocktail Party with Bethenny Frankel
Canadian Club Brand Centre
It still blows my mind when strangers admit to reading my blog. I really only think it's my sister and my girlfriends - and even then I bully them into reading it! So when I got back from vacation earlier this year to THIS - I was floored!
To see a full page spread in the Hamilton Spectator on little ol' me? Are you kidding?! I thought my little article with Amy would be a few lines or two - tops, hidden away in some corner behind the horoscopes and 1-900 numbers, but to my surprise - BAM!  Here's the online version of the article incase you're curious. 

My most recent hustle? Getting Susur Lee to follow me on twitter - and it only took a little bit of bullying!

What started off as a side project to keep me busy when I was unemployed and stuck at home has turned into a world wind of adventure, extravagant meals, belly aching laughs and a tonne of self discovery. 
Chef Street Fight with Adam Hynam-Smith from El GastrĂ³nomo Vagabundo
So even when I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, and what all this is for - thanks for sticking along for the ride. 

Thank you to everyone who has ever spent a minute or three reading The Hungry Gnome. To the brands, and the companies I've had the pleaser of working with  - thanks for having faith in me. 

Stay tuned for much more hilarity, food porn, and sass.  Love you guys!

Happy Eating!

* follow the hashtag #GnomeTurns2 to see how I'll be celebrating this weekend and use it to send some love my way too! 


  1. Congrats on your second blogging anniversary Chan!

  2. wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Here's to more sass, sultry sips and a whole lotta sizzling deliciousness!

  3. Congratulations Chanry! Keep on going with your fantastic blog.