I’ve been itching for Bubble Tea (BBT) for weeks now and I thought I was finally going to scratch that itch when Joanna took me out to her new favourite BBT place in Hamilton. Little did she know – it wasn’t new to me, and it definitely wasn’t my favourite – more on that later!

D’s Cafe on Cannon St. has been our go-to BBT place for years but let me just clarify that D’s Cafe is no where near “The Best” BBT – but it’s the best option when compared to the rest and it’s consistently half decent, – thats right, 90% of the time it’s “okay”. I’m pretty convincing aren’t I?

Well, when Joanna told me she had a “new” BBT spot for us – I was a little skeptical because Hamilton isn’t known for its BBT. 

The first dish to come out: The Seasoned Vegetables Cooked with Pork on Rice ($8.49) was easy on the eyes – not so much on the taste buds. For drinks, we ordered the Almond Milk Green Tea ($3.49) Coconut Slush ($4.99), Milk Black Tea ($3.99), and something random and pink pictured on the menu. 

Next comes the Sausage with Minced Pork on Rice ($7.99), Corn and BBQ Pork Ramen ($8.29), & Osaka Burning ($6.99) and Fried Beef Balls ($4.99) – last two dishes not pictured.

First off, the service was mediocre – wasn’t overly friendly but somewhat efficient. No biggie, most Asian joints are like this. Next the presentation of the food was great, everything that came out of the kitchen looked delicious! The BBT itself was pretty good as well. There wasn’t a powdery after taste and the tapioca was soft and fresh. The fruit flavours of the BBT were slightly underwhelming but nothing was as bad of a let down as the food itself! Sure it looked great but everything was bland, bland, bland – exactly the way I remembered during my first visit last summer.

I can honestly say – I’m still on the hunt for great BBT in Hamilton! Let me know in the comments if you know of a great place! 

8090 Tea House
149 King Street E
Hamilton, On 

8090 Tea House on Urbanspoon

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