Chanry: Now that Mr. Big Shot is back from Chicago we can get back to our regular scheduled programming.

Justin: Oh it’s gonna be like that? Next time I’ll pack you in my carry on bag.

Chanry: I’m sorry what? Free trip to Chicago? Thanks Buddy!  This week Justin from Eating Your Content and I take on Son of a Peach (SOAP) for Belly Monster Battle 3.0.  One restaurant, two bloggers, Lets Go!

Chanry: So, just look at this place. It is so fricken cute I want to barf (in the most nicest way possible) from the pink animal heads with gold antlers, the octagon tables and the breathtaking light fixtures – I wanted to throw on a tutu and just gleefully prance around the whole place. Ya feel me J?

Justin: Do they make tutus in my size? They did a great job in creating a warm and vibrant surrounding. Things like light fixtures are lost on me though. I watched Chanry twist herself into a pretzel trying to get the perfect photo of lights.

Chanry: Just look at them, they’re gorgeous! I can not say enough great things about the styling of  SOAP. We walked in on a Friday evening and they were just swamped. It may look spacious but this place is tiny and the bar although large – doesn’t really seat much. We were seated a few minutes later with a server who was frazzled – but friendly.

Justin: Yeah the large window makes it look far larger than it is. We came in and there wasn’t a seat to be had. I’d estimate they seat 20 people, including the bar. If you’re going to stop in on what you’d consider a busy evening (aka Thursday –Saturday) then I’d suggest making a reservation. Wait… do they take reservations? The web site isn’t up as yet and I can’t recall if the server asked us if we had one or not.

Chanry: We both agreed on two small pizzas. A small is about 11″ and a large 16″. Well actually, I bullied Justin into it – much like I bullied him into going out for pizza in the first place.Justin: UGH! I got in trouble from my usual dinner partner for not going with her.

Chanry: Sorry! So, I really wanted to order the rice bowl because it would have have made amazing food porn – but Justin was a firm NO against that one. Which I get – $19 for a bowl of rice? Buddha better have blessed each kernel himself!

Justin: Yo fuck that. $19 for Rice & Shrimp? Are you funny right now? We perused the menu looking for something to accompany our Pizza but the idea of $12 Caesar Salad didn’t sit right either so we dived right into the Pizza.

Local Asparagus, Ramp & Capicola ($19) – aged provolone, parm cream sauce, Niagara capicola, whole milk mozzarella, farm fresh egg and parmigiano reggiano.

Chanry: The cracked egg sealed the deal for me. Ever since I had the pizza from Baci, I have been obsessed with eggs on pizza. The ooey gooey yolk just lights up my eyes. It was sad to see there was only one egg though. Why so cheap SOAP?. They were very generous with the fresh basil on top though which gets a huge thumbs up from me. I love it when it feels like a garden just punched me in the face. They were more than generous with the capicola and it pared beautifully with the asparagus & ramps – although I count distinguish between the two.

Chanry: Call me bougy all you want but this is definitely my style of pizza. It’s not greasy, heavy and the toppings are fresh. Simple food done well – you know that #$%^ gives me tingles inside. The crust and the dough, and the bottom of the pizza were all on point. I wish I could have had a little bowl of wild honey to dip my crust in. It would have made the perfect sweet finish to my meal.

Justin: I found the placement of the egg really odd. Typically you’d see a cracked egg in the middle of the pie. That way when you make the initial slice through, it can get an even distribution of yolk. This egg was more well… dumped on a single slice. Odd egg placement aside, the slice I scummed off Chanry was delicious. I was leery of Asparagus as I figured it’d be too thick on the bite but it worked well. The menu was a little strange in that it said Capicola but I thought it was Prosciutto on the Pizza. Yes I know they’re similar but is it one or the other or both?

Chanry: Who’s bougy now? Is that Capicola or Prosciutto Mr. J wants to know!  I also ordered a coke and it came in an old school glass bottle! That warms my heart.

Justin: I feel like I just shamelessly plugged Coca Cola with that photo.Spicy Meatball Pizza ($18) – house made California tomato sauce, meatballs, double smoked apple wood bacon, whole milk mozzarella, fresh basil and parmigiano reggiano

Justin: You know that moment where you go “what do you want on your pizza?” and some jerk yells “ALL MEAT!” Yeah I’m that jerk. I’m sure my taste buds thank me and my heart hates me. This pizza was everything I could have asked for and then some. Bacon & Meatballs on the same pizza? YES! YES! YES! I’m all about go big or go home and these meatballs were not going home. Each slice pretty much had a giant meatball on it. Chanry wasn’t overly impressed but my mouth is about the size of her head so I took the slices down no problem. The sauce had just a little bit of zing to it. Shout outs to the gawdlike crust too. I’m a huge crust guy. You can pretty much botch the toppings but if the crust is good, I won’t give a shit about anything else. It’s got to be thin and have just the right kind of crunch. Truth be told, I couldn’t be happier with this pizza. It’s up there for some of the best I’ve had over the last few years.

Chanry: This was Justin’s pick. Not gunna lie, these guys know how to do pizza .. says the Cambodian girl. The meatballs were juicy, and the tomato sauce was great. I just wish the meatballs were a tad smaller, so my delicate jaw didn’t have to unlock just to get a bite of that puppy!

Chanry: Lets talk about the pink elephant in the room. The price. Are you kidding me? I know we’re all about buying local, organic, farm-to-table blah, blah, blah but come on, $19 for a pizza is a little steep. Yes I’m bougy, but I’m also sensible. The menu pricing in general was a little off, it doesn’t make sense that a bowl of rice is $19, and so was my pizza and then $12 for a caesar salad? I know the cost of romaine has gone up – but you’re kidding me right? $7 and I can go from a caesar salad to whole pizza, or two more dollars and I can go from a salad to chicken wings. Are you telling me the food cost between romaine lettuce and chicken wings is two dollars?

Justin: Yeah we both like to take up residence in Value Town. Truth be told I don’t have a problem with the Pizza pricing though. It’s high, but on par with a lot of nice Pizzerias out there (Libretto immediately comes to mind). I do take exception to the rest though. I have serious issues when restaurants price appetizers on par with or only slightly below their entrees. I”m not even going to get into the Tiger Shrimp Rice Bowl. It’d end up ranting like a lunatic on that one. If there’s one thing I can tell people reading, is that check the menu before going. If you and a friend are eating a pizza to your respective faces, you’re out $40. If you’re game with that, then by all means go nuts.

Chanry: If you want my opinion, cause you asked for it right? I mean that’s why you’re hear. SOAP needs to kick up their drink menu! There is no bartender, only what’s on tap and house wine. I would have given Justin’s left arm for a Sangria, or a Mojito or a nice refreshing cocktail. But nope. None. Nothing. Not even a refreshing lemonade!

Justin: Wait… why MY arm? You got two girl.

Chanry: I need both of mine to complete the Hangry Gnome look. Duh. Also, the music was pumping, and the tunes were definitely shake ya booty worthy but it was just too loud. Like really loud. I was exhausted just yelling at Justin all night! Am I getting old? Did I really just complain about loud music? I need to stop.

Justin: WHAT?! Whether we’re “getting old” or not, I don’t want to YELL at my dinner partner in a restaurant. If I needed to YELL over dinner, I’d find a sports bar. Music is supposed to elevate ambiance, not distract from your dinner experience. Volume in half and we’d have both praised the great selection of tunes.

Chanry: So, Son of a Peach is just gorgeous darling! This is where hipsters go when they grow up and have kids. The food is great, they definitely know how to put some sweet ass toppings on some dough but the pricing is a little off for me. It hasn’t completely deterred me from going back but I’m hoping they’ll add a mean summer cocktail menu soon. Like real soon. I’d be there in a heart beat cause this is the kind of place you bring your girlfriends for over priced drinks and comfort food.

Justin: It was bound to happen but I’m leaning on the “unlikely to go back” side of things. The food was delicious. The restaurant is beautiful. The service was on the ball between both our server and the co-owner stopping in to check on us. The music was extraordinarily off putting though, to the point it was all we really touched on after leaving. The price point just enough of a deterrent as well that I couldn’t whole heatedly recommend Son Of A Peach.

Chanry: Wait. what? What if I want pizza again?!

Happy Eating! 

Son of a Peach
#62 -2049 Pine Street
Burlington, On

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