Guess whose back with another #BIEat post? I know it’s been a while – this place was starting to grow cobwebs. But I’m back from my impromptu hiatus to bring you the fourth instalment of #BIEat. 

This #BIEat brings us to Concession BIA where my partner in crime, Michael Marini from The Hamilton Economic Development Office and I hit up Papa Leo’s for a quick lunch. Papa Leo’s is a recent discovery of mine – in fact, I am one of their newest breakfast groupies. So, I was elated to head over there for lunch – unfortunately they don’t do dinner service at the moment. But if you want to harass Leo about dinner service – feel free to do so here . 

We both started off with soup of the day – I got something special off their catering menu that they just happen to have – shiitake mushrooms, glass noodles & pulled pork and Michael ordered the soup of the day – a french onion styled soup.

Both soups were without a doubt well executed warm bowls of heart warming liquid. I am a huge fan of non-pureed soups – I prefer something with a good broth with little morsels I can scoop up with my spoon. Papa Leo hit the spot with these two. 

Michael and I also decided to go halfsies on two of the most popular lunch orders – Tacos and a Po’Boy. The Tacos ($12) come with a choice of battered cod, slow roasted pork, or chicken on flour tortillas with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, fresh mango salsa, seasoned mayo and a side cucumber & pepper salad.

Obviously we went with the cod taco and it was hands down the best decision I made all day. There was a perfect ratio of cod to tortilla. Every bite was one huge piece of cod, mixed with sweet crunchy mango and creamy mayo.  The fish was perfectly battered – not too thick but still crispy – and the cod was huge. I can not stress how perfect the ratio of cod to tortilla was. I’m tired of ordering a fish taco at some froo-froo joint where the first two bites are all tortilla and there are about two and a half more bites left on the taco. </hater> The cucumber salad? – meh I could have done without, the taco was a decent enough portion. 

These crab cakes although not super authentic were still completely satisfying. It was more of a patty than a cake and there isn’t a lot of extra filler – just crab. This might be taboo to some but they throw in a little bit of that imitation crab too – which I am completely happy with. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.  They also serve these puppies with poached eggs for brekkie – definitely worth rolling out of bed for!

In all honestly, Papa Leos is one of those neighbourhood joints you picture on TV – where the Ross, Chandler and Rachel come for breakfast. The food is simple, wholesome and the faces are familiar – all the suppliers are local, when possible, in fact there’s a list on the menu of all the local suppliers Leo supports. “Papa Leo” himself also works the cash register and runs tables. He’s bubbly and full of smiles – definitely not your typical chef!

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Happy Eating! 

Papa Leo’s
638 Concession Street
Hamilton, On

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