Psssssttt have you heard? About what the ladies at Cake & Loaf are up to? A 24 hour donut shop you say? – Sadly, No. But how about we start that rumour now and eventually Josie and Nicole will have to cave to peer pressure.

But for now, let’s fill our empty hearts with their from scratch chocolate treats coming out of their new Fair Trade Organic Chocolate & Confections Department. Quite the mouthful – literally! 

We’re talking all of your fat kid dreams made from scratch – by a human being! Twix – yep! Viva puffs? – yep! Oh and lets throw in some grown up treats like a Raw Fruit bar and Goji Berry + Cocoa Nib bar. Is your mind blown yet? – because mine was when I opened up the box. I’ll be honest – this is the number one reason why I love to blog. I get a lot of yummy free treats. If I love it – you’ll see it here. If I don’t  … well things get awkward really fast.  

Because I’m working on my bikini body [ha ha ha] I brought the bars into work to share.  I couldn’t possibly finish all of that on my own! The team was pretty impressed but we were pretty split on favourites. I wasn’t a fan of the Espresso Crunch but adored the Peanut Butter Fudge bar as well as the Strawberry Marshmallow Sandwich and Chocolate Chews.  

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you know I absolutely adore anything and everything coming out of Cake & Loaf. I have stood in line in the snow for their donut pop ups and I stop in as often as I can for their pies and bread. I’m also really diggin’ all the girl power that comes out of the shop.. super talented women doing badass things. Who doesn’t love that? 

They’re the only place in Hamilton rocking the fair trade organic chocolate game. I don’t know about you but that pretty much spells out “guilt free chocolate” to me. Fair trade makes me feel like I’m a good human being and organic is always healthy.  So I can have about a zillion of those from scratch Twix bars made by Maria Boyd – their in house Chocolateir? Right? Right? Don’t burst my bubble. That is exactly how I’m going to rationalize it. My bikini body can’t hate on that!

If you’re down for some super sexy food porn – follow them on instagram. You won’t regret it. 

Happy Eating!

Cake & Loaf
321 Dundurn St. South
Hamilton, On

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