A part of the tour I appreciated the most was the Cheese, Chocolate & Whisky Tasting – and not because it combined two of my favourite things (Cheese and fancy glassware – duh) but because it managed to make a total noob like me into a complete whisky connoisseur.

Okay, okay, maybe not a total connoisseur – I mean, I’m still wondering why there’s no E in whisky, have I been spelling it wrong all these years? (fyi – the answer is here) But it made me completely change my theory – brown can definitely go down ūüėČ

My favourite of the tastings had to be the Canadian Club Premium – the one that started it all. I feel like if you’re new to whisky, this is the one you have.  

Canadian Club Premium
Aroma: fresh & soft with an almond nuttiness and a hint of spice & sweet, fresh oak
Body: smooth & light
Taste: spicy & zesty, with hints of wood and vanilla
Finish: clean, dry and lingering with subtle oak

This is definitely one I would use in my lazy girl cocktails. 

Next up was the Canadian Club Reserve Triple Aged – I found this one a little bit more oaky (triple aged, duh)

Canadian Club Reserve Triple Aged
Aroma: toffee and toasted, creamy and complex
Body: full & firm
Taste: English toffee, rich, mellow oak with soft nutmeg and clove
Finish: warm and lingering dry finish 

Now we’re moving into the big leagues (third glass pictured above) this one was the Canadian Club Classic 12 year old. I guess you can say this is the Miss Congeniality of CC – it’s multi-award winning, but still has everything a classic CC blend is known for.

Canadian Club Classic 12 year old
Aroma: soft, round, full, balance & creamy
Body: full & smooth
Taste: spicy and creamy, with hints of vanilla and rich mellow wood
Finish: long and dry

This next one probably put a few hairs on my chest – not that I needed the help.  

The Canadian Club Sherry Cask
Aroma: mix of rich Mediterranean fruits, gently oak & sherry
Body: Rich & Full
Taste: sultanas, dates, figs &toasted grain and mellow oaks
Finish: deep, and long sweetness with subtle cherry and oak

Another thing the tasting taught me was how your pallet completely changes when booze and food come together. Something I’m not too familiar with but completely fascinates me is the change in flavours and smells once you throw a wine, beer, or liquor pairing with your food. Certain flavours are highlighted in both your drink of choice as well as your food component.  Definitely something I want to play with more in the future. #afattywantstoknow

So, I can officially say I survived my first whisky tasting – and felt pretty damn good about it too! Come back next week – where the fun really happens. Tish lets us mix our own drinks and we really get to see what CC can do. 

See you next monday for the third edition of #CanadianClubTour

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*this exclusive two day tour of the Canadian Club Brand Centre was sponsored by PraxisPr – opinions expressed are my own 

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