Happy New Years kiddies! I hope everyone’s enjoying the freak ice storm, impromptu snow blizzard, and power outages – all jokes outside, I hope ya’ll were able to stay safe & warm this holiday season.

Well, way before all that drama , and before I went into hibernation, I made a pretty exciting announcement over on my Facebook & Twitter page.  You can read about it here on Storify. Go on – go read it, I’ll give you a second or two.

Back yet?

So I’m always preachin’ about how awesome the Hamilton food scene is and how many amazing culinary discoveries I’ve made here and blah blah blah – well it’s time for me to literally eat my words. The Hamilton Economic Development Office and I have teamed up to explore and discover some of the best eateries in Hamilton’s thirteen BIAs. So don’t believe your hipster friends when they say you can only find a good meal along James North and on Locke Street. 

Take for instance, our first stop on our BIEat tour – get it? BIA = BIEat? clever, no? –  is Delirious Burger Company, located within the Westdale BIA.

photo c/o Michael Marini

Let me introduce you to Michael Marini (below) and Ben Greco (above). Micheal, from Hamilton Ecdev will be my partner in crime as we eat our way through thirteen BIA’s and Ben is the Chef and owner behind our first featured restaurant.

Delirious Burger Company can be described as Hamilton’s answer to The Burger Priest – even with it’s very own “The Option”. But know when you’re supporting Delirious, you’re also supporting farms from Ancaster, Dundas and Milgrove. Everything from the beef, to the mushrooms are all sourced locally. 

What sets Delirious apart from the other local burger joints is that they offer an ‘America Style’ burger.  All the patties are cook on a flat top and if you opt for cheese – it’s gunna be old school processed sliced cheese and a classic bun. That is exactly how I like my burgers! It allows the main ingredients – the patty –  to shine without any interference. 

Picture the ultimate ‘greasy’ burger, you know the ones featured on episodes of Triple D – except Ben manages to take the greasy out of ‘greasy spoon’. So don’t expect oily fingers but anticipate classic flavours.

Because the burger is cooked on a flat top, what you end up with is a crispy seared crust and a juicy interior. Ben offered to upgrade my cheese but I was quick to decline – a steamed slice of cheese on top of a seared patty is a primo party for the taste buds! You create this oozy gooey layer of cheese that you can’t  quite achieve on the grill.

I opted for  the vegetarian option – with a beef patty + cheese. The veg option is two breaded portobello mushrooms stuffed with aged Cheddar and German Butter cheese. To be honest, the first time I ordered this, I threw the patty on there just in case I wasn’t a fan of the portobello – ’cause veg options at burger joints are usually an after thought.  I was thinking, I could  toss out the portobello and still have a beef patty to enjoy – lo and behold I ended up really liking the combo – so this beast or beauty, depending on your side of the coin, is definitely my go to option now.

I’m calling it #theCHANanator : one stuffed portobello, one patty with cheese,  with everything but  mayo. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Especially if you’re a sautéed mushroom fan this will rock your socks off.  Michael opted for just the stuffed portobello – he’s watching his figure.

Photo c/o Michael Marini

THIS. This is reason enough to put pants on every morning, to crawl outta bed and head to Westdale for one of these glorious beauties. If I was a Mac student I’d definitely look into my health benefits cause my arteries would totally take a hit.

I also got a side order of fries – they were alright, nothing to write home about. I would love kettle chips, or onion rings or something else to spice it up a bit. Yes, yes, I know – breaking up burgers & fries is like breaking up Yonce & Jay!

Personally, I love it when something is done simple, and done well. There really isn’t anything fancy or gourmet about these burgers – but they’re ‘deliriously delicious‘ ha. ha. ha. [Did you guys read my piece on them in Hamilton Magazine? – cause you should] They’re definitely a recurring character in my foodie fantasies.  If you can’t handle a beast like #theCHANanator – feel free to switch it up – I’ve seen some crazy creations including, chili and a fried egg. 

The website hasn’t launched yet but check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Tell Ben you want #theCHANanator.  Oh – and rumour has it,  they’ll gladly provide a gluten free option if you ask nicely – portobellos in lieu of a bun.

One BIA down, twelve more to go! 2014 is shaping up to be a delicious year! Stay tuned for January’s BIEat – tweet me or Michael with suggestions on where we should hit up next and follow the hashtag #bieat on Twitter and Instagram! 

Delirious Burger Company 
1008 King Street West
Hamilton, On

Delirious Burger Co. on Urbanspoon

*this was a complimentary meal in partnership with The Hamilton Economic Development Office. The opinions expressed are my own

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