I am so excited to share the news that Dishcrawl is coming to Hamilton!  I am giddy with excitement because:

  1.  This means I’m not the only one that believes there is a food scene in Hamilton 
  2.  I have the hugest crush on Locke Street (the location of the first Dishcrawl)

Dishcrawl is a “start-up founded on the premise that communities can be brought together through good food and good company” 

Names of the restaurants are kept a secret till the night of the event where your Dishcrawl ambassador takes you on a foodie adventure exploring twelve dishes and four restaurants! 

Locke Street will be Hamiltons first “crawl” and although tickets are sold out for this event, tickets for next months adventure in Hess Village are still up for grabs – but hurry, only a few handfuls left!

Dishcrawl can also be found in Toronto, Montreal, New York, DC, Philadelphia  and much more.  All the pictures featured in this post are from local restaurants in and around Locke Street. 

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