This weeks #Dishoftheweek may not look mouth watering, or foodporntastic but trust. What it lacks in visual components it makes up for in the taste buds. Shawarma isn’t usually my go to thing but my sister, Charaya has been ranting and raving about Safin Grill for months. We decided to take a trip over after some retail therapy and man, was I fricken impressed by this tiny little two man shop. 

Some tips for first shawarma virgins out there – go nuts with the white sauce, squeeze it on like you’re recreating the first day of winter on a mountain of fluffy well seasoned rice. If you like a little heat get happy with the red sauce too. Don’t be shy – it will get messy, and you will walk away smelling like roasted meat and garlic. Boys, hola, best first date ever.

Safin Grill
65 Mall Rd
Hamilton, On

Safin Grill on Urbanspoon

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