A few weeks ago I got an invitation to dinner from Eatalia in Burlington. They’ve been on my list of places to hit up for a while now – so I gladly accepted the invite.

As soon as we sat down, Oz, the manager, told us they’d prepared a special tasting menu for us (my sister and I). Definitely my kind of night – my sister and I relished the chance to unwind and relax. My sister ordered a glass of chardonnay and I had the Bellinitini – absolute peach, peach schnapps, peach nectar, proseco. I loved everything about my drink, accept it was a little too boozey – I know, who says such a thing? Only me right?! 

We started off with two types of house made facoccia and two types of dip. I believe one of them was a hummus and the other was a spicy jalapeño. I loved the spicy kick of the latter. It was refreshing to have so much flavour packed into just the bread course. Sometimes restaurants forget  bread is your first opportunity to wow the guest – so make it count! 

I was expecting the place to have more of an old school vibe but was pretty impressed with the modern interior. The seating arrangements are all flanked around a large red chandelier in the middle of the room and there was quite a bit of organic material and fresh florals used around the space. I really digged the vibe of the whole place. It feels like you’re dining at a girlfriends house…who happens to have a great eye for design. 

The first course was pan seared quail with a mushroom raqu. My sister and I love qual and was absolutely thrilled that it came deboned – so we could gobble up every morsel of it. The quail was cooked beautiful – still moist with a crispy, perfectly seared skin. We were both pretty giddy with excitement for the next course after such a splendid intro. 

The second course was sword fish with a sweet potato mash & mango salsa. The third course was  veal scallopini. Both dishes were divine and you can definitely tell the guys in the kitchen know what they’re doing.  It sounds really basic but it was great to eat at a restaurant where the kitchen knows their shit. The chef knew exactly what he was doing and there wasn’t anything technically wrong with any of the dishes. I wish there was a little bit more creativity behind the dishes, but  a classic dish is a safe dish. All in all, my sister and I were definitely spoiled by the Eatalia team. 

I didn’t think we had enough room after the first three courses but as soon as our lovely server dropped this beautiful piece of tiramisu and house made gelato in front of us – my dessert stomach appeared and I was ready to dig in. This was honestly the best tiramisu I have ever had. It was a great balance of flavours;  light mascarpone cheese and the perfect hint of  cocoa. The best ending to a wonderful meal.  

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the attention to detail the team at Eatalia made to our meal. But, the servers kept walking by with pizzas, pasta dishes and bowls of mussels that I couldn’t help but wish we had been able to order from the regular menu. But I wasn’t too bummed – it just gave me a reason to come back to Eatalia. Stay tuned for that post next week! 

Happy Eating! 

527 Brant St
Burlington, Ont

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This was a complimentary meal courtesy of Eatalia but the opinions expressed are my own. 

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