Years ago you couldn’t pay me to eat a bowl of soup. I despised it, <insert repulsive sound here>  – especially the creamed variety.  Why? Because as a prep cook – that was my job! I had to make soup for three outlets, often 8-10 buckets of soup all simmered in one of those huge industrial kettles. I always felt like a little witch stirring away at her caldron. It didn’t help I had to stand on a milk crate to do it too. It was not a glamorous job – a bunch of scraps, a lot of water and a few litres of cream… maybe a dash of lemon juice and bam – that was the soup of the day.

I hated the stuff.

Of course now I’m more mature and my pallet has grown to appreciate a nice warm bowl of liquid gold …WAIT – that didn’t come out right. I like soup now, that’s what I’m trying to say – unless it’s a cream based soup – F%$# that Shit! Anyways – this is going somewhere I swear – it’s segueing into The Burnt Tongue, Hamilton’s newest soup emporium. Its created a bit of a buzz on twitter so I was eagered to check it out. 

It’s a tiny little place with an open concept kitchen and you order at the counter. There are a few tables but don’t expect to come with your entire entourage and get a seat. Sorry Kanye.  The soup changes daily and they come in three sizes. They also have belgian fries and burgers. I’m not too sure if the fries and burgers are staples on the menu though. 

I ordered the small Sausage, Bean and Cabbage soup and a Burger with Cheese. Joanna and Joe ordered a burger and fries as well as the Roasted Cauliflower and Red Pepper soup. The soups come with either celery & carrots, a fresh crisp apple or a crusty mini roll. I opted for the veggies but Joe squared both had the roll. I also ordered an Orange Crush – in a glass bottle! So old school and so nostalgic. I loved it. They have a pretty good collection of soft drinks – if you’re into that.

I really enjoyed my soup. The sausage was flavourful, it was the perfect temperature and the portion was great – considering I ordered the burger and mooched some fries off my eating companions. I would definitely consider upsizing if the soup is all you’re going to have though. I did have a few spoonfuls of Joanna’s cauliflower soup but it wasn’t memorable. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable – she didn’t have any complaints but I was pretty focused on my meal to remember anything about hers! 

The burger at first looked a little dinky and not too impressive – but once I took a few bites, I really enjoyed it. They’re pretty basic, old school, no fuss kinda burgers. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be fancy shmancy to be delicious. The patty was meaty, cooked well and there was a good ratio of meat to bun. 

The fries were a delightful surprise! They were fried at the perfect temperature because there wasn’t a lick of grease on them. I love that! They tasted like genuine potatoes – yes I had to point that out. The fries actually tasted like POTATOES.

I really enjoyed my first trip to the Burnt Tongue and I’ll definitely be back. The portion sizing was great, the prices were pretty decent and the service was super friendly. There were smiles all around. My only qualm would be the lighting in the joint – what a bloggers nightmare! I couldn’t get a decent shot of anything. Next time – I sit by the window!

No website or anything yet for these guys but follow them on twitter (@TheBurntTongue) and Instagram for what the daily offerings are.

Happy Eating!

The Burnt Tongue
10 Cannon Street E

The Burnt Tongue on Urbanspoon

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