One of the latest food trucks to debut on the streets of Hamilton is The Hamilton Funnel Cake Factory. Brought to you by Mike Pitton of Southern Smoke Truck &  Jonny Aitzis from Tony’s Corner comes the newest truck on the block.

To anyone who thinks it’s not the season for funnel cakes – you shut your mouth and get those nasty thoughts out of your head! There is always time for funnel cake. Especially when it is made piping hot right in front of you. 

Long gone are the days waiting for the CNE or anticipating the opening of Canada’s Wonderland or desperately sneaking into East Side Mario’s for a funnel cake – we’ve got the real deal in our backyards.

Yea, yea it’s a little chilly outside but the Sok Sisters and I just crammed into the backseat of my car and enjoyed them with a cup of joe and some hot chocolate. It was their first run of the season but so far so good. I’m hoping for more variety later on and a little bit more fruit topping but they were more than generous with their ice-cream.

On the menu for this trip was the Original ($6) or the Deluxe ($8) for strawberry topping and ice cream. They weren’t skinny and thin like the kind you get at the fair but more round and fat – who doesn’t love a little chub chub right?  There were thick chunks of batter that were crispy on the outside but had a fried cake dough texture on the inside – very awesome, but I missed those little over done crispy bits that you get with the wider thinner funnel cake.  Still diggin’ this variety though.

My only qualm was the size of the plate. The ice-cream melted so fast it created a bit of a pool and would have over flowed over the rim of bowl if *someone* hadn’t started slurping it up like hot chocolate. I won’t mention names. 

Despite having to enjoy this beauty huddled together in the back seat of my car – it’ll definitely be a popular truck come the summer months. But listen up Mike & Johnny – remember who kept you warm during the colder months 😉

Happy Eating!

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