Ever since our trip to Paris I’ve been a huge fan of crepes but I rarely find a place specializing in the savoury variety…till I found Hargitai’s on Barton Street. Hamilton has a take out crepe joint! WHaaatt?? Who knew?!

On this occasion, the Sok sister and I shared the Palacsinta ($7.00) – chicken paprikash, sour cream and smoked cheese and the BFF ($6.50) – banana, strawberry & nutella.

I’m so glad we decided to share the crepes because they were huge! Ordering one savoury and one sweet was also a genius idea! The chicken and sour cream on a warm crepe was absolutely comforting and forget that perception of a dainty light crepe you have in your head because this was a very hardy  meal for two people – or one very hungry bear! The first few bites weren’t mind blowing, but the more I had, the more I really enjoyed it. The warm chunks of chicken, cold sour cream and chewy crepe was a great combination of very simple comfort food. 

The BFF was also a well done classic. You can’t really go wrong with fresh fruit and warm nutella. The huge traditional crepe pans bring be straight back to Paris – but according to the owner Maria, crepes didn’t just come from Paris but are staple in Hungary as well. Maria was an absolute delight to chat with and I’m so thrilled to finally have a crepe place in Hamilton now.  Hargitai’s also does milkshakes and a plethora of frozen treats! 

304 Barton Street E

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photo’s by the lovely Chandary Sok Photography

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