Good Morning! Todays foodporn is courtesy of Iron Goat in Canmore, Alberta. The place has gorgeous views of the entire town and is a great place to grab a drink and catch the sunset. On this occasion, it was too chilly to sit outdoors so we settled for a seat by the window. 

We ordered the Blue Crab & Lobster dip ($12.25), Smoked Wings ($12.95) and Mountain Spinach Salad ($11.75) to share amongst the four of us. The dip was cheesy and meaty but wasn’t mind blowing, same goes for the chicken wings. I hate to say it but I am a fan of those super gmo wings that are big, plump, and juicy. I know – tsk tsk! These were a little boney. The salad was my favourite amongst the apps. It contained spinach, berries, goat cheese, maple toasted walnuts and an olive oil + balsamic reduction. It was light and refreshing with sweet and crunchy notes from the berries and nuts. 

For my main, I ordered the Kobe ‘Oscar’ Burger ($16.75). What I got was a house made Kobe burger topped with lobster, blue crab, & provolone. I opted for sweet potato fries as my side and loved dipping them in the tarragon mayo. I also added a few lashings of it onto my burger. I wish the patty was a little crispy on the outside because I prefer my burgers a little more charred. It was a little rich but juicy and moist with every bite. I ended up taking half the burger home because it was too much to finish at the table. 

We also decided to share a few slices of the Iron Monodon ($15.75) as a side dish to everyones main. The pizza had  roasted garlic, tiger prawns, grilled red onion, prosciutto, feta, green onion and balsamic tomato with  a basil cream sauce. Everyone at the table seemed to enjoy this one. The  crust was thin and crunchy and cooked to near perfection. 

The Sok Sister ordered the mixed Seafood Grill ($22.75) and it was a whole lotta seafood! The mussels, salmon, calamari, whitefish and shrimp tasted like they were steamed more than “grilled”  and I wish it had been a little bit more saucey but the dish was still delicious. The seafood was well cooked and the bacon potatoes were yummy.  

The service was attentive and the place filled up pretty quickly while we were there.  I would recommend making reservations. The palace is pretty casual, with a nice relaxed vibe. It was recently featured in Chatelaine magazine as well. They also have space upstairs which can be rented out for private functions.

The dessert menu needs some work though. It wasn’t too impressive. We came in after a walk earlier on in the week and ordered the smoke sweet potato cheesecake and it had some interesting flavour… and not in a good way!  

I love it when a thin crust pizza can still hold its own. No pizza should be weighed down by its toppings!

The Iron Goat Pub & Grill 
703 Benchlans Trail
Canmore, Alberta 

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