I prefer donuts over cupcakes so when I read about a place that calls themselves “Canada’s original gourmet doughnut bakery cafe” I couldn’t wait to get into Calgary to give them a try! 

The shop itself is fairly decent sized and there is seating space available incase you decide to eat in. To be honest, I have no idea if they sell anything else besides doughnuts because once I saw this display case, everything else didn’t really matter. Feel free to check the website to see if anything else is on the menu. 

They have a good selection of doughnuts made daily in house with locally sourced and organic ingredients when possible.  Ya’ll know I have a huge commitment issue and prefer to have a little bit of everything as opposed to making a commitment, so you can imagine how excited I was to see they offered  “mini” doughnuts of each doughnut available. Thats right! Each mama donut had a matching baby donut!! How bomb diggity is that??

Being the total fatties we are, we ordered one of every baby doughnut they had as well as one of their seasonal favourites – which was a strawberry shortcake doughtnut. They wouldn’t let us take pictures inside the shop so we headed to the car to sample the smorgasborg of sugar.

The packaging was made ideally for the larger doughnuts to fit snug into each individual square but looked really excessive when it came to the mini doughnuts. The owners are big on offsetting their carbon footprint and supporting green initiatives so it was a surprise to see the excess packaging for just  a dozen mini doughnuts.

I am a huge fan of anything peach flavoured and this one was just devine. It wasn’t too sweet and the texture of the doughnuts, in fact, all of the doughnuts were melt in your mouth yummy. The one below is the hand dipped madagascar vanilla glaze with pink sprinkles. You can tell they take pride in their products by hand dipping and filling all their doughnuts.

Of course I gravitated towards the coconut donut. I wish the coconut shavings were toasted though, only because I tend to enjoy that flavour more when it comes to desserts. Other than that, it was perfect!

The s’more doughnut I could have done without – only because I am not a huge fan of chocolate but the others in the car loved this one! They definitely don’t cheap out on filling. All the doughnuts were generously dipped and filled making you feel like you get your moneys worth.

The strawberry shortcake doughtnut was a great pallet cleanser. By the time we got to this one we’d already consumed a bite out of at least six other sweet and gooey doughnuts. This one was light and airy. I would definitely come back for this one.

With my love for bacon and Lyssa’s love for lemon flavoured desserts, we had to grab the maple bacon and the hand filled lemon curd doughnut. The maple bacon was what every bacon dessert taste like – sweet and savory. The crunchy doughnut bits on top wasn’t greasy and they added a nice texture to the doughnut. The lemon curd doughnut had a nice sour tang to it – which I loved! The lemon curd is made fresh in house as well.

By the end of our doughnut smorgasborg we were pretty knocked up on sugar and some of us were slightly twitching from a sugar rush. I suggest you bring a litre of milk if you’re looking to attempt this.  All in all, it was a great experience. The doughnuts are absolutely beautiful to look at. The service was friendly and although the doughnuts are a little bit pricey it’s worth a try.  Check out the website for catering options and a schedule of daily doughnuts!

Jelly Modern Doughnuts
100 1414 8 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta

Jelly Modern Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

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