Korean food has to be my most favourite obsession right now. I just can’t get enough of it! I  haven’t quite mastered making it for myself at home yet, and I always dread the drive out to ‘Sauga or Toronto.  But I do whip up the occasional Bibimbap bowl here and there, but it’s never scratches the itch quite like Miga does.

I’m happy to say, it’s taken a few years but I’ve finally found some good Korean food in Hamilton! Rejoice Bulgogi and Soon Tofu lovers! We discovered Korea House when my friend Joanna got a tip from her Korean coworker about where the Koreans get their fix. 

The three of us ordered the Sweet & Spicy Rice Cakes, Seafood Pancake, Bulgogi, Pork Gyoza and one bowl of Seafood Soon Tofu to share. My apologies for not adding the prices – I completely forgot to make note of them. But let me assure you it was definitely one of those places where you can order whatever you want and everyone just walks out paying twenty bucks!

The first thing to come out was the rice cakes. I absolutely loved the little glutenous cakes drenched in the spicy red sauce. You get a good portion but be warned .. the spice definitely creeps up on you! My friend Sam who can’t handle spice at all, definitely stayed clear of this dish! The pork gyoza on the other hand were a complete opposite, less spice and nothing too mind blowing. But I still enjoyed them. Gyoza’s have to be my culinary weakness – I’ve never had a bad gyoza, because I will pretty much tolerate anything and my standards are very low when it comes to dumplings! There, I said it! Do not hate. 

I always love the variety of banchan served at Korean restaurants and often judge them based on what they send out – and they sent out some good %^&* here! The cucumbers rarely ever make an appearance and the thin fish patty slices (far right hand corner) were fantastic. Don’t be alarmed by the red colour, it wasn’t spicy at all. 

The  Seafood Soon tofu and bulgogi are the more popular and well known Korean dishes, and are great for first timers. The bulgogi is tender thin slices of beef cooked over a slizzling hot plate. It was a smidge too sweet but the meat was still soft and the portion was huge! The Soon Tofu could have been spicier but it was still enjoyable. My only qualm would be the lack of “seafood” in the “Seafood Soon Tofu”. 

The service was on par with any other typical Asian restaurant … you know what I mean when I say that right? They were attentive but not always personable. Although they did send out some banana fritters while we waited for our order to arrive – which was a lovely surprise!

Don’t be alarmed by the exterior of the restaurant, yes it does look like an abandoned crack house – but I promise what’s inside is totally worth it! And don’t bother looking for parking, just park across the street at the Shoppers Drug Mart.

Happy Eating!

Korea House
281 Cannon St E
Hamilton, On

Korea House on Urbanspoon

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