McCartney & Son (M&S) is Hamilton’s first 15 foot salad bar. M&S offers over 70 healthy and locally sourced ingredients everyday. I know I don’t look like it, and juding by the last few post – I do eat more than just bacon and bacon. Occasioanlly I enjoy a good salad or two. A zillion options at my finger tips really gets my tummy excited! The more the merry in my books.  But don’t worry, they do more than just salad! M&S also offers sandwiches and soups.

The salads are paid for by the pound so keep that in mind when you’re piling up on the kale and roast beef shavings – fresh roast beef might I add, none of that pre-packaged garbage.  

The salad I whipped up was pretty bomb might I add. Check out the fried chickpeas, julienne radishes, hard boiled egg, quinoa, kale – I made all the right decisions that day. 

The soup on the other hand was nothing to write home about. Tasted like watered down chicken broth and soy sauce. Guess what it was suppose to be? Egg drop soup. Nothing like the egg drop soup I was use to but I won’t hold it against them. I’ve had the soup at Jack & Lois before (same dude, great place by the way, if you haven’t been) and they were mighty delicious. So maybe this was just an off day? I’ll definitely order the soup again, but I’ll stay clear of the Egg drop next time.

As for the sandwiches, Joanna ordered The Beast (4oz $5) – sous-vide local beef sliced thin with horseradish mayo, lettuce & tomato. I ordered The Full Flavour (4oz $5) – hot capicola, spicy calabrese, balsamic, onions, sliced tomato, provolone cheese, with mayo & maple mustard. All sandwiches came in  three sizes: 4oz,  6oz ($6) and 8oz ($7). We added soup for $3.  You also have a choice of bread; super seed, multi- grain, Jensen cheddar, dark rye or Portuguese bun. 

Like a good friend Joanna split her sandwich with me and I was guilted into given her half of mine as well. The first thing we both commented on was the freshness of the bread. I think we ordered the Jensen Cheddar and Super Seed (not 100% sure) but either way they were both very fresh. You could tell right away this wasn’t just your ordinary loaf of Dempsters. In fact, it was so good I even ate the crust! *gasp*  

I would really enjoy having  a place like this near my work place. It’s reasonably priced, comforting and familiar food made with fresh ingredients. The place was empty when we placed our order but as soon as we sat down to eat, more and more individuals kept trickling in and by the time we were finished eating, our table was ready to be poached by a bystander. It’s refreshing to see a place like M&S pop up on James Street north and even more exciting to see it packed! Rock on McCartney & Son! 

McCartney & Son
282 James Street North
Hamilton, On

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