It’s no surprise with weather like this, I’ve been in a bit of a cocoon lately. Always, heading home right after work so I can jump into some sweats, watch reruns of Scandal and get a good night sleep cause the commute into work is always a #%&^ show when the weather sucks #adultlife.

But on the occasion I do manage to venture out – I’m choosing comfort food and cheap meals in lieu of hoity toity dinners. Hence my most recent ramen binge.  

If you’re in the area Ryus is offering 50% off their ramen bowls till the end of the week. I’m talking $5 for a kick as bowl of mother #$%^en awesomeness! What sets them apart is their triple broth recipe (chicken, pork, & vegetables) – I quite like the combination and found the broth rich in flavour and it didn’t sit heavy in my stomach. 

It was my first time here and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. My bowl of Spicy Miso Tanmen came with Tofu, Spicy Bean, Wild Pepper, Carrot, Chilli Pepper, Chives, Crushed Chilli, Nappa Cabbage, Green Cabbage & Bean Sprouts. Being the fatty that I am, I added a boiled egg for $1 and the Chashu (slice pork & chicken) for $2 – I really didn’t need to because there was plenty in the bowl already but … gluttony got the best of me.

I loved the ramen here because you can tailer each bowl to your liking.  You’re able to choose the doneness of your noodle, your heat level and your flavouring oil.  For example, my friend and I both ordered the spicy ramen but as you can tell from the picture below – we got two slightly different bowls. The Spicy Miso comes in four levels of heat: mild, regular, hot & super hot.

The flavouring oil was a nice touch as well – it gives the broth a slight change in flavour half way. It was like hitting the restart button on your pallet.

My friend ordered a bowl of sautéed veggies ($1) on the side and it turned out to be a fantastic idea. We were actually expecting the veggies to come already in the ramen – like the pork & egg but it was a pleasant surprise as a side dish. It help counter act the intense flavours of the ramen.

Even at full price $10 – it’s still a great deal. They also offer bowls of congee,  the staple Shio & Shoyu Ramen as well as AAA Roast Beef Ramen – and a pleasant surprise – Veggie Ramen and a plethora of combination meals. The place is tiny – surprise, surprise – but turn over is quick and service is efficient & friendly!

Happy Eating!

Ryus Noodle Bar
33 Baldwin Street
Toronto, On

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