Watch out August 8, I  might have found my new favourite Hamilton Sushi Joint! I recently discovered Spring Sushi and their awesome ordering system. Each table gets their own ipad and all orders are sent in electronically by the guest. SO, MIND BLOWING! We all had so much fun flipping through the visual menu and picking what we wanted. You get a picture of each item on the menu which made ordering super easy.  The service here was actually pretty great as well. They touched the table often to see if we needed anything and there was always someone near by if needed – but not in the hovering, watching your every chew kind of way. The service was excellent and speedy! There were a few times where the ordering app shut down but once we brought it to the servers attention they quickly brought up the screen again and you don’t loose your order. 

Once you send in your items from the menu, the food starts flowing out in no time. The best part, you can always go back to the app and review your order, check whats coming next or to confirm you received everything. This is great for someone like me who always thinks sushi joints hold out on them because they think you can’t finish everything. I mean, if I want a third order of dumplings, I’ll get a third order of dumplings! Thankyouverymuch! </rant>

The quality of the dishes were pretty well executed. The variety isn’t as unique as other places but everything we ordered came out well made and fresh. The tamago (sweet egg) could have been a little bit more flavourful, but was still better than the ones from Osechi. Check below for a picture of everything we ordered. Yes, I insisted on taking a picture of everything that was dropped on the table. Do you see how dedicated I am to you guys? 

My favourite dish was their spicy fried shrimp. The juicy plump pieces of shrimp are coated in crispy, garlicky goodness. I highly recommend this! This has been the closest thing I have ever found to Sushi D’s “Rock Shrimp”. Sushi D’s is my all time, hands down, bomb dot com, favourite AYCE sushi – ever. Thats right, ever.

I was introduced to Sushi D’s Rock Shrimp by a friend a few years ago and I’ve been raving about them ever since. I went on to introduce more than half my culinary graduating class to this phenomenal dish, and naturally they all loved it as well!  But as much as I love Sushi D’s and their Rock Shrimp, it’s a bit of a drive for Hamiltonians. Well, looks like after years of searching,  I finally found a substitute – not as good as the original Rock Shrimp, but a very good substitute.

I also really like the Kalbi Korean Short ribs – tender, flavourful and not too fatty. The sashimi also came in nice thick cuts, which is always a nice surprise. My sister ordered the tom yum soup and she enjoyed that. The crab cake was also a favourite at the table – although more potato then crab, it was  still delicious. 

I had so much fun dining at Spring Sushi – with the ipads, the speed of service, and the quality of the dishes, I am looking forward to going back!

Spring Sushi
1508 Upper James St

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