So you guys know I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I love coffee shops. From time to time you’ll find me curled up in the corner of a local coffee shop eating up all their sweet treats and using up all the wifi streaming cat videos. All in a days work right? What else are bloggers suppose to do?

But with the weather getting better, coffee shops are starting to bring out their iced coffee – which I am a HUGE fan off so I thought I’d explore some of my locally owned coffee shops and enjoy some iced coffee along the way.

Unfortunately on this visit, Tamp Coffee Co wasn’t quite ready to launch their iced coffee – they must have known about the freak rain showers coming! But none the less, Jimmy the owner whipped us up a beautiful chocolate latte and a green smoothie to go.

Tamp Coffee Co “supports the coffee community by working closely with micro direct coffee traders and roasters locally as well as globally. Every coffee is cupped and tasted in four different brewing methods and accurate temperatures to ensure the best possible taste.” So to say this dude has a passion for coffee would be an understatement! I love people with passion and I love it when they share it with others!

This place was absolutely relaxing and “cool” in that kind of nonchalant just chillin’ kind of way. It’s a tight space but they’ve done a great job of creating little comfort corners and even a relaxed patio in the back.  Check them out if you’re ever in the neighbourhood and tell Jimmy Hello!

Tamp Coffee Co 
2049 Pine Street
Burlington, On

Tamp Coffee Co on Urbanspoon

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