Guys! New ice cream shop, XO Ice Cream & Waffles in Auburn Bay is hella goals. The branding and styling for this place is cute to the max.  Just look at the place. Check out that selfie wall, those gorgeous lights, those cups *heart eyes*. Hold my ice cream while I foam at the mouth over how adorbs this place is. 

But hold up guys, did you think I was gunna dust off my laptop to gush about the aesthetic of a new joint. Hell no, that’s what instagram is for.  We went out for ice cream last week and here’s how it went. 

We really lucked out on our first visit. We had the whole shop to ourselves for a good eight minutes. So I  quickly snapped these shots of all the cute little details. And there were a zillion cute little details. The lights, to the takeout containers to the rose gold baskets the cones sit in. Really nice touches.

But on to the most important details. The current flavours : 

  • Vanilla Bean
  • Chocolate
  • Salted Caramel
  • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Coconut
  • Pistachio
  • Blackberry Lavender
  • Vanilla Waffle
  • Mango Sorbet
  • Blood Orange Sorbet

Their website says they’ll always have the classic flavours, with rotating seasonal flavours. There was also an espresso flavour not featured on the board. Not sure if that was a regular thing, or if they were just testing it out. But fyi, XO team, if you’re reading this, the espresso needs to be a regular feature. It was like an undercover Vietnamese ice coffee. So it was right up my alley. A little sweet, a little bitter (but in a good way), and a little milky. 

On our first visit we got one scoop of blackberry lavender, blood orange sorbet, espresso, and their new chocolate chip waffle. On our second visit the next day, we tried the strawberry rhubarb. Yes friends, went two days in a row. Get off my back. 

Hubs and I both really enjoyed everything we got.  I don’t have a big sweet tooth so it says a lot when I can enjoy an it from the first to the last lick. Nothing tasted artificial,  and it wasn’t sickly sweet. I gravitate more towards fruit flavours and fruity desserts so both their blood orange and blackberry lavender flavour were right up my alley.

On our 2nd visit, I tried the strawberry rhubarb and that definitely was my jam ya’ll. It tasted like overripe strawberries in the middle of a hot as fuck Ontario summer. Ya know what I mean? That smell of strawberries is so strong, you can already taste it in your mouth. That’s what it tasted like.

It was awesome kids. 

The only downside to our visit was the service. But hold up, don’t get me wrong. It’s  a brand new business, the team is really young, so there was obviously some kinks to iron out. The scoop consistency could have been better and the efficiency of the ordering system could have been more streamlined. It was just painful to watch the staff function and deal with the crowd over the weekend. They also ran out of cones at one point while we were there. 

Now, with that being sad, I did bring up my concerns with the team and the owner Darren was incredibly responsive. They’re in the process of hiring more staff members, a new waffle iron is coming in so they can make more cones, and they’re doing they’re best to train their team. Ya’ll know I wasn’t gunna ‘bitch’ about a place without first bringing it up to the team. And I was happy to hear they know what their problems are and are willing & ready to address most of my conners. I can tell they put a lot of thought and care into this business and it really shows in the details.

They’re still a brand new business but I don’t doubt they’ll be killing it this summer. I am looking forward to more seasonal flavours and waffle combinations. I’m pretty stocked to see an indie ice cream shop in my hood. 

On to the waffles! They were crispy on the outside but light on the inside. There was also a warm chocolate dipping sauce it came with, and that was the tits. Like not too sweet, not overpowering, but some legit good chocolate sauce. The fat kid in me was in absolute heaven! I definitely added a few lashings of my ice cream to that waffle with a few drizzles of chocolate sauce and made my own waffle sammie. I’m hoping when it’s in season they’ll do a nice strawberry shortcake kinda combo. Or I’ll have to walk in with my own strawberries and life hack it myself. 

So let’s recap: ice cream good, service was green, shop was very cute, owners seem like decent human beings. What’s not to love? Already looking forward to my next visit! 

Happy Eating! 

XO Ice cream & Waffles
808, 100 Auburn Meadows Drive Southeast
Auburn Bay, AB

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