I don’t know if you’ve heard the news or not, but all the foodies are just foaming at the mouth over this new burger joint – Hambrgr. Have you heard of it?

I’m going to say the H world. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, but… this place has Hipster written all over it. It’s got wood/metal tables, chalkboard walls, exposed brick and yep – you guessed it; hipster’s heroin aka craft beer! 

As much as everyone barks at all the hipsters – ya’ll know the attributes above are exactly the same reasons you’ll be flocking to Hambrgr. A gorgeous restaurant with a unique list of libations & a meat-centric menu – c’mon you’re growing a chubby as we speak!

I had these guys twice in one day. Yep. I was high on #CHANtober, so after I went with a few coworkers, I came back with the ball and chain. No regrets.  #WorthTheCalories

I ordered the Nashville Style Hot Chicken ($13) – buttermilk fried crispy chicken, Nashville style hot sauce, bread & butter pickles, southern style coleslaw, and house mayo.

I walked in with my eyes set on the Pineapple Express (the one with spam, yes spam) but dammit these guys got my heart pounding over the fried chicken. This was a beautiful piece of meat. It can definitely hold its own next to any beef patty. The meat was moist, packed a good amount of heat & the raw cabbage slaw was the perfect sweet, tangy condiment. With something that spicy, you really need a cream based dressing to cut the heat. Thumbs up on this one.

Great buns on all the burgers, they really held up to the rest of the meat & toppings. Nobody likes a burger that can’t keep up with its carnivorous counter part. Especially with joints like this that just go whole hog on the burger – ya need a badass bun. The bun kept up so nicely on my burger, my last bite had a perfect meat to carb ratio. Bravo. 

I am not going to act like I know anything about craft beer. But there is definitely a huge list to choose from. Lisa & Kristin enjoyed this limited edition from Collective Brew.  My only qualm is the lack of non alcoholic options. They carry coke, diet coke, ginger ale and Nickel Brook root beer (Ball & Chain here – I must add, Nickelbrook Babbling Brooks root beer is the greatest root beer in existence, it blows all others out of the water. The amazing combination of ingredients perfectly forms quite possibly the sassiest, tastiest, and the only root beer you will ever want to drink forever more), all in glass bottles. Yes, a glass bottle tastes better, quality is better, blah blah blah – but you pay a few dollars per bottle and if you want a second one – it’s a couple more bucks! I’m not about paying more for my drinks then I am for my side salad. Get some fountain pop and offer free refills. Thanks. 

Lisa ordered the custom “You Can Do Anything at Hambrgr”. You get a choice of 1 Cheese, 1 Salty Pig, 2 ‘other things’ and ‘some saucy stuff’ (they have a list of toppings to choose from) for $14. Lisa chose brie, candied beer bacon, grilled onions and whiskey catsup.  Kristin ordered the Morning Glory ($14) – fried local egg, log smoked bacon,  ‘merican cheese, house made oat flour belgian waffle,  and red chilli maple syrup aioli. Suzanne ordered the Chickpea & Lentil “burger” ($11) – chickpea & lentil patty, shredded kale & apple salad, and basil aioli on an oat bun.

I had a bite of the Morning Glory and it was delicious! The waffle held up really well, although it was a bit of a hot mess, Kristin kept it together well. But, what do you expect from an egg on a waffle?  Oozy Goodness duh. This might be a knife and fork thing if you’re not into yoke fingers.

Both Lisa and Suzanne seemed to have enjoyed their burgers – from the head nodding and the full cheeks, I think it’s safe to assume they enjoyed their meals. 

All of the burgers come solo but the apps & sides are priced well enough you can get something for another $5 and still keep your meal around $20ish.   Half & Half Fries ($6) – half hand cut fries & half sweets were delightful and perfect for those who always have a hard time picking between the two. 

I’m still dreaming about the wedge salad we had. Iceberg, blue ermite cheese, log smoked bacon, avocado, and buttermilk vinaigrette. It was $5 and it was practically a full head of iceberg lettuce. Too bad the picture turned out like #$% so I can’t offer you a visual. But trust, when I say it was fricken delicious and a perfect combo to any burger.

BLT Devilled Eggs ($5) – local eggs, crispy bacon, vine ripe tomato, & chives were another great five dollar menu item for the table. The burgers might be a smidgen on the pricey side but I think the price of the other items really offset the cost. Unless you’re a big beer drinker, then you’re f#$ked cause you could spend days drinking through that menu. 

So, overall thoughts? I’m diggin’ this joint. They’re really playing up the whole boner for Hamilton thing. Which can get a little cheesy real quick – but for now, it’s endearing.  I am hoping they keep the price points where they are, cause any higher and they’ve priced themselves out of the neighbourhood. Yes, King William is getting there – as in, hip, cool, rah rah we-don’t-need-you-toronto but we’re not there yet

Let me know in the comments what you thought of Hambrgr, or tweet me (@TheRealChanry) your favourite burger joints. Novemburger is here and I’m itching to try more than a few on the list!

Happy Eating! 

Hambrgr Burgers & Beer
49 King William Street
Hamilton, On
www.hambrgr.ca | facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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