Sup gang! How’s it going? It’s been about a minute since I dusted off this blog. Actually its been about 643,680 minutes – just a rough estimate though. 

Just wanted to jump back on here and let you know:

  • 1. I’m still alive 
  • 2. I’m still living in Calgary
  • 3. No, I’m not pregnant
  • 4. I’m coming back to the blog

I’m going back to my roots. I want to start writing about the things I love again. I want to go back to where it all began. Remember when I was just shooting the shit with you guys? Like way back in the beginning. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. And I forgot how therapeutic it was for me. 

While we’re all here (all three of you readers) Here’s a bit of a blog/life update. 

Don’t worry guys, I’m still eating well. See above for picture evidence. Just cause I’m not writing about it, doesn’t mean I’m not eating my feelings anymore. 

But besides that, I added a new tab, do you see it up there? It’s called “The Real Chanry” this is where I’ll be putting my non food related articles. I’ll wait here while you scroll up to check. On mobile? Sorry it won’t be there.

I’ll be real with you, as much as I’m still a major foodie – I don’t want to talk about it all the time anymore.


Shocking, I know!

But I’ve actually developed other interests in the past five years. And life in general has completely changed since I started The Hungry Gnome five years ago. Like, I got me a husband and I’m a fur mom to two cats! 

I need an outlet where I can just talk about shit. Things I love, things I hate, just a place where I can tell my stories – that’s not just food. I’ve realized I love the story aspect of social media, and the connections, and relationships you can build.  For the longest time, I just didn’t know if blogging was the right outlet for the kind of stories I wanted to tell. 

But after a lot of thinking, I realized I wanted to do this for me. I wanted to go back to writing for me. Hope you’ll stick around for that content. If not, thanks for at least reading up to this part. 

Outside of food, I’ve pretty much turned into a crazy plant lady.  If you wanna talk plants, feel free to slide into my dm’s. Just don’t leave a comment here if you want a speedy reply. Imma be real with you – I don’t check. But I’m attached to my phone 24/7 so feel free to shoot me a DM on my socials (link on the sidebar) or here  (if you’re on mobile and you’re lazy as fuck to check) 

We’ve (the ball and chain and I) have spent the last year or so doing lots of traveling. From San Francisco to Singapore – we’ve had some really amazing trips and I’m looking forward to writing about it all. (If I’m not too lazy to dig up all the pictures and create the content. #RealTalk). But we’ve got some awesome trips planned this year too so I’ll definitely be writing about that. 

I also started my own business this year.

I know, fucken crazy right?!

I was in a rough spot last year and took some time to really focus on what made me get up in the mornings. It was food, and writing, and talking to people, and just being creative. So I took the leap and started my own social media marketing group focused on small food businesses. Feel free to check in/creep me here & here.  It’s been a blast working with some of my favourite peeps back in Hamilton again. Yes, I’m taking clients in Calgary and Hamilton.

You’ll spot me in Hamilton every few months from now on. So holla when you see me on the streets. But like, in a nice way -k?

Anyways, I think that’s it. Hopefully you’ll stick around during this new chapter. No hard feelings if you don’t.

Oh, and all the fur babes are doing great. Thanks for asking. 

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