Fidel Gastro’s Pad Thai Fries

Guess what time of year it is? Wedding Season? Nope. Prom? Nope. Cottaging? Nope. It’s Food Festival Season!! That’s right folks, the summer time is the best time to be a foodie. It’s like everyone’s come out from their winter hibernation and they’re ready to feast! Here is a list of my tips & tricks to surviving a Foodie Event!

La Carnita’s Churros
  • Always go with a group of friends – but not too large that you just end up getting lost and splitting up. I like to keep it around 4-5 people if possible. 
  • Pack the essentials in your purse/back pack the night before. Those things are: wet naps, napkins, bottle of water. If it is an outdoor event add: bug spray, a scarf/throw blanket (to sit on)
  • Divide & Conquer : In order for this strategy to be a success you must be willing to share your food. But trust me, it’ll be worth it. Send everybody to a different food stall to grab a few items and agree to meet back at a designated spot. Then chow down once everyone’s back at the meeting spot. You get more variety and you get to eat more all at once instead of sampling a little here and there. What we also like to do is everyone throws in $20 and the days food is paid for out of this pool. That way everyone pays their fair share of food and not one person is left forking out all the cash
The Crowd at TUM’s first 2013 event
  • Always, Always, Always, go early. If the event starts at 11am, be there for 10:30am. If you have a feeling it’s going to be extra busy go extra early. Don’t think that an event that lasts from 4pm-7 pm will be the same at 5:30pm as it was at 4pm. The vendors will start running out of food, portions will dwindle and lineups will be out the door. Save yourself the stress and show up early! 
  • Bring cash, always bring cash. 
  • Wear sensible shoes and dress appropriately. Not just for the weather but for what I like to call “gorilla style eating” aka be ready to eat ninja style.  Even if that means doing the Vietnamese squat – just google it!  Most events are outdoors and in cramp spaces, sometimes you have to sit on a bench, or the grass, or on a hay stack to eat, so wear something sensible. Like jean shorts, TOMS, and aviators – don’t lie, I know you have all that S%$& in your closet.  And DON’T wear white.

That’s it! Go in, have fun, be patient and be open minded. A lot of people have put their blood, sweat, and tears into planning these events. Keep in mind that someone else’s hard work has made it possible for you to stuff your face with delicious food. 

Liko’s Hawaiian BBQ

Oh, and a few Etiquette tips:

  • Don’t be a Douche.  
  • Say “Excuse me” when you’re trying to push your way through the crowd
  • Don’t push your way through the crowd, do your best to slide in and out of natural pockets in the crowd
  • Be nice to one another in the line ups 
  • Say Thank You to the Food vendors 
TUM Event

That’s all the tips I’ve got for now, let me know in the comments if you have anything I should add. Check out my June Foodie Events post for places and events to test out these tricks. Have fun!

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