A few weeks ago I headed out to Hamilton’s first Dishcrawl event. The premier event took place in one of Hamilton’s most beloved neighbourhoods – Locke Street!  I love spending my summers on Locke Street and I couldn’t wait to venture out there for a night full of culinary adventure! 

Our first stop was The Courtyard On Locke. I’ve walked by The Courtyard plenty of times before and it never crossed my mind to walk in, and now I can’t wait for my next visit!  I showed up a little late, and unfortunately didn’t get the intro from the Chef or the owner but the food itself spoke volumes about the place. Left to right, we have a perfectly cooked slice of pork tenderloin on a bed of quinoa, pan seared porcini mushroom drizzled in a light truffle oil, and lastly, scallop ‘stuffed’ bacon. All the flavours were on point and everything was cooked to perfection. My favourite was the meaty porcini mushroom. I felt like I was slicing into a beautiful piece of pork! Steve Bernstein, the owner also serenaded us on the piano during dinner – I was très impressed!

The entire restaurant was filled with excited Dishcrawlers and our host Dave, – who was a pretty cool dude and an absolute delight, did a fantastic job hosting the event and creating a relaxed, fun, casual experience.  Dave was also responsible for introducing me to Margaret & Frank. Two local bloggers who made the night even more enjoyable! Check their blogs out here & here. For our second stop, Dave told us to walk out the front door, turn left and look for the fire breather. I know…we were all really excited to see what he had up his sleeve!

The Courtyard
254 Locket Street S

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Sure enough, in front of NàRoma Pizza Bar was a fire breather! What a way to make an impression eh?  I’ve been to NàRoma before, so I new we were all in for a treat! The restaurant is actually quite tiny and a few of us ending up eating on a ledge by the door, but I didn’t mind.

The first course was a light and refreshing arugula, fresh parm and balsamic salad. This was a simple, well executed dish and I loved the addition of the toasted pine nuts.

Next up was a roasted chickpea soup with sautee mushrooms, goat cheese and truffle oil. The truffle oil was very fragrant and had me completely forget that I was eating chickpeas. Which is a great thing because I hate the stuff and surprisingly really enjoyed this soup. It was super tasty and we all enjoyed it… at least everyone eating on the ledge with me said it was yummy! 

I felt really spoiled while we were at NàRoma because they sent not one, but two samples of pizza! The one on the left is my usual, which is arugula, balsamic, and paper thin slices of proscuitto. On the right we have a classic Margherita; tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil & cherry tomatoes. Both pizzas were flakey and light – no greasy fingers afterwords! Yay, my kind of pizza!

NàRoma Pizza Bar
215 Locke Street

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Our next stop was the West Town Bar & Grill right across the street from NàRoma, but unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures while we were there. Margaret from (Sub)urban Tourist did so make sure you head on over to her post to read about the traditional spring rolls, jerk chicken, and Stracciatella soup. It was definitely a united nations inspired meal! 

And Last, but not least, our final stop was Ceylon Tea Bush. The second you walk into Ceylon, you’re hit with a beautiful warm smell that just makes you want to curl up into a ball and watch an entire season of Revenge … or maybe that was just me? Either way, it was great to end the night with a warm cup of tea and a few sweets.

Ever since my trip to Paris and my thirty minute line up at Ladurée, I’ve been in love with the macaron with one “O” – and guess what? Ceylon Tea Bush has a pretty bomb dignity macaron! The exterior was nice and crunchy but it quickly melted into a light, and soft wafer. I’ll be back for more. The nanaimo bar was good as well but I could do without the little nib of chocolate – just wasn’t my thing.

What I loved most about Dishcrawl was the opportunity to try something new. I’d never been to three out of the four restaurants we visited that night and instead of spending a lot of money and time sampling them on my own, I got a chance to test them out, all in one night, at a fraction of the cost!

My apologies if you missed this months Dishcrawl event, and unfortunately next months tickets are sold out as well but there are still a handful of tickets for May’s Dishcrawl event. So hurry up and scoop up your tickets because you will definitely enjoy it!

* For this event, I was a guest of Dishcrawl but the opinions and pictures presented are my own *

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